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Saturday, April 7, 2012

527 Orders

Sending some stuff out this weekend, folks.

The first batch of Zoomie's great stickers are in my shop, and the Act I stickers are en route. If you've ordered both, I'll probably hold shipment until everything is in. I'm also waiting for Condor to send me hats, so if your order includes Tac Caps, it is probably still here in the shop.

If you have ordered III Resist stickers, I have placed an order for a professional batch, so I am holding those orders. I'd rather send you the new ones than the Avery's we've been using.

Cold Steel order: Has been placed. Please remember that once I get your piece in my shop it has to go for engraving, then shipping to you. So, be patient. ;)

I'll be posting a hoodie update in a moment.

Thanks to all. Order more Zoomie stickers, folks! They make a GREAT impression for the III to the world.


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