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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Look for the Premise...always

In any circumstance, gut-check your First Principles, and if confused, look carefully for the Premise.

Refuse to be suckered.

Here is an excellent article written by Paul Craig Roberts about False Flag Ops.

There are many groups in America who want blood to be spilled, for their own reasons. There are blacks who hate whites. We have whites who hate blacks. Jews are hated by some. Some seek the rise of Islam in America. Some seek Implosion. Some seek Communism.

And yes, some seek Liberty and may even contemplate starting a Ruckus for their ends.

Some just want to start a fight for the sake of starting a fight.

Be your own American. Do not be a Useful Idiot for anyone.

Here's the link.



1 comment:

  1. saw news out of Tulsa yesterday that a white man shot 5 & killed 3 blacks.


    Seems kind of coincidental with Fl and the elections around the corner.

    Fuel the hate fire and start the burning.


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