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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Truth from Babylon

I've written on this topic, but it has been a while. Most of it is over at Kerodin.com - I seem to have backed-off much of the practical/tactical here on the blog.

The post over at Babylon is dead-on.

I will add: In today's world there is no reason you should not get a heads-up the moment the vans pull up to your curb in the 'burbs. Outdoor quality, low-light video cams are cheap and wiring them to a monitor is cheap and simple. You can get eyes well beyond your walls.

Entry: Delay, delay, delay. That is the key. As noted in the column, these guys have a script in their heads. They are NOT good at sudden, unexpected anamolies in their routine. Slow them down so it takes longer than one swing to blow your door from hinges. Fishing line is a great tripwire and will drop them in a heap.

But while they are outside, stacking at your door, consider what defensive measures you could have installed with a gallon jug of gasoline, some copper pipe, a Chevy fuel pump, spark plug and 12 volt lantern battery. Even if you do not have a source of ignition in place - men suddenly doused in gasoline will be hesitant to start letting AR muzzles flash...

Electricity is a great friend of the home defender. With just a little knowledge, a set of window bars (that you can make removable) or even a thin, exposed wire stretched like a tripwire across a window sill, you can make the wire hot. It won't hurt a single Soul until they hit the wire and complete the circuit to ground...

That'll slow 'em down and encourage them to regroup behind the Command Van for a few minutes, until the negotiator arrives.

Remodeling? What about a firemans pole in your Master closet to the basement, so you can be where they do not expect you? How about a few panels of 1/4" steel under strategic pieces of drywall, giving you good E&E lanes of egress, if you need it.

Think about it. None of this stuff is beyond the average guy who knows how to wire a light socket.

The key, however, is always mental: Attack. If they mean to have war, give it to them until you are dead.

F 'em.

Here's the link.


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