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Monday, April 23, 2012

American Patriots & France: Amusing

I am amused at how many bloggers and columnists in America are championing Marine Le Pen in France, swallowing the American MSM description of the woman as an "Ultra-Right Wing Nationalist" and other delusional drivel. Reading American reports, one might think France is about to wall-off her borders, hang the Socialists (which would reduce the French population to just about zero) and begin studying Jeffersonian Economics.

Patriots, it is important to always consider the source and premise when you are weighing developments that may earn your attention.

"Ultra-Right Wing" has more than one definition among Americans. You might think of Ron Paul when you consider an "Ultra-Right Wing" politician. You might also think of Neo-Nazi's. Most Liberal Americans would call Blue Dog Dems "Ultra-Right Wing". (Most Lefty Americans consider guys like Pat Buchanan to be off the political charts, in the land of Hitler)

And in France "Ultra-Right Wing" means that Marine Le Pen would fit in well with most Democrat/Liberal/Socialistic cliques in the US Senate. Indeed, while she is not as Leftist on some issues as her political rivals in France, she is still sufficiently Leftist that she advocates a strong Franco-Russo alliance. She could beat Barbara Boxer or Babs Mikulski, from the Left!

It isn't worth the space to detail all the places Le Pen is just a typical Lefty. Most of you don't care, and I don't, either. She does not affect my life. France has almost zero impact on my life (until they Implode or send Legionnaires to patrol in my AO)

This topic is only useful as a reminder that labels are often meaningless, and one should never form hard conclusions based merely upon the labels affixed by third parties. After all, you call yourself a Patriot, and folks like John Kerry consider themselves to be Patriots, too.

Use your own brains. Do not rely on others for serious decisions. And always be wary of political analysis that relies on MSM headlines for conclusions.



  1. Agreed. I can't support any French politician; as you said, Europe's right is still our left.

    I posted on Le Pen today, as well. Europe's Left/Right is nothing like our Left/Right.


  2. Labels - I think I'm normal, my wife thinks I'm a little off, my friends consider me to be on the far right and the government says I'm a terrorist.
    I don't pay much attention to other peoples' labels. Actions speak louder than words.

  3. Meh. I was going on a big rant. Then I thought I'd just shorten it to... WGAFF about France, or Russia, or China, or Germany? I know I sure as hell don't. Every single one of our problems are here at home. Every one of them. Everything else is just a side track issue. Worrying about another mans dirty house is like worrying about the speck in his eye when we have a beam in ours.


    1. I agree with you, but our government will not ignore problems in the Eurosphere.

      Lots of American lives were destroyed in the last 2 European wars, and FDR had a field day with the American governmental system.


    2. AP, don't misunderstand me as I believe there is value of looking at history and at the parallels of the dangers we ourselves face today although most people will scoff at that.

      And of course I agree with you that our government will not ignore what is going on over there. But it is our government... or rather, it will continue to do so until it becomes our government.

      Lots of American lives have been wasted in conflicts we never should have been involved with in the 20th and 21st century.

      And until we shackle our government with the chains of the constitution, a lot more American lives will die at the hands of the FDR's of our government.

      Today, most of what goes on in Europe, and elsewhere in the world, affects us because we, our government and IT'S interests (I don't think I need to spell out interests) put us in the position for it to affect us.

      And just a reminder, what we call our right today is but yester-years left and it marches further left as each day goes by. But then again, in my 53 years on this planet, I have never been... right, or left, repukocrat or dumbocrat, as neither have ever appealed to me. Their left and their right are no worse than our left and our right. It may vary by degree's, but we are catching up. And in some ways, we have surpassed them. Hell, our internal security apparatus in all it's various overlapping forms, is Lenin's, Mao's, Hitlers, and etc., wet-dream... and France, and Russia's, and China's, and Germany's and...

      I read what is going on in the world today too. I just don't worry to much what they are doing. It is what my government is doing that worry's me.


    3. Rightly spoken, Curtis.


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