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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flank & Spank (TM) the Stack, Jack...

The front door of your Castle explodes off the hinges and the Stack starts their entry.

If you have taken the decision not to fight at this point, so be it. For all things there is a time and place, and you choose where and when you will do what.

But if you have taken the decision to fight any Stack and the first alert you get is the front door coming off the hinges, you've got problems.

Here are the basics. First, consider the event from LEO's perspective. They have done this dozens or hundreds of times before. They have a script, a pattern, and expectations of how this will go. Just like the other raids, they will swarm with overwhelming force, surprise and the Target (you) will meekly wait while they kill Fido, stomp Kitty and terrorize your wife and children. After all, that's how it always goes.

Rule 1: Get eyes as far from your walls as possible. Many computer security programs will allow you to program "No-Go" zones in the camera field of view, and if the zone is penetrated, the program will alert you. You will want to know as early as possible that Bad People are preparing to storm the gates of your castle.

Rule 2: This is the most important aspect of Flanking & Spanking (TM) - even if LEO knows where your bedroom is located and they have done thermals to verify two warm bodies in the master bed prior to their kicking in the door, have the means to get from your bedroom to their flanks without exposing yourself. A fireman's pole in your closet that will let you slide to a lower level of the home so you can come from a surprising angle is ideal. A ladder that takes you up and then across another level so you can accomplish the same nasty surprise is a good option. Doorways that let Mom get to kids without going into the hallway are desirable. A hand-dug tunnel from your basement to your shed or that well-concealed spot behind the chimney in the side yard is priceless.

The key: Even if they know where you are starting, be able to screw with their plan by popping up where unexpected and unwelcome.

Rule 3: Slow them at the gates of the castle. Harden your front door, which is almost always their preferred entry point. (Partly because they are lazy creatures of habit, and partly because unless you are a seasoned drug dealer, no one hardens the front door to withstand a 2-man ram)

Rule 4: Install countermeasures to screw with their plan. Your computer can send you a signal when a No-Go zone has been breached. Your computer can also trigger relays for widgets. Your computer can turn on blindingly bright lights in your home when the alarm is triggered. Those lights may strobe. Your computer can activate sirens to drown out their comms. You can install doors between rooms and make a habit of closing them at night. These guys are not used to finding locked interior doors in halls and in common spaces. Not only can you lock them slow them down, the Stack will worry what is on the other side of the door. 2-3 unusual doors really screws with their confidence. (Closed interior doors will also minimize the effect of flashbangs).

Create unusual circumstances and you foster uncertainty. This is your camouflage. Barking from speakers makes them worry about multiple Fido's. Your computer can start your truck in the driveway, immediately causing havoc for the Command Van.

The possibilities are endless.

Think about it.

As several of you have asked, I'll come back to this topic more often.



  1. K- don't forget the piece I did on LEO body vulnerability (legs and feet) and hoe to disable vehicles. I'm sure you've got ti archived somewhere...Excellent piece, love the strobes and sirens, I wonder if they could be synchronized? Damn, just that would make them shit their pants when MURPHY shows up and shit goes to hell!!!!

  2. Don't forget the electronically activated pyrotechnics (sparkling fountains, bottle rockets, etc...) if you REALLY want to screw with their minds while they're outside.

  3. This is always a useful topic. I'd also like to see one that covers, "Now what?" in the aftermath. Let's say the target prevails. The house is shot to hell, LEO bodies litter the scene, LOTS of sirens an be heard closing in from every compass point, and the shock of knowing life just got very different is starting to take hold. Now what? Run? Hide? Go hunting?


  4. I'd like to see some "how tos" on the actual hardening and countermeasures.


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