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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anarchists: Bullet Stoppers for Liberty

When festivities begin there will be waves of people from across the political spectrum throwing themselves against the walls of LEO & The Establishment.

III Patriots will have the luxury of patience and tactical selectivity.

Here is a story from Brock's place about a few "Anarchists" who decided to test the waters.

You will see this again.



  1. One news source has the anarchists calling this a 'black bloc' where the particpants wear black clothing and black face masks making it harder to identify the perpetrators of the 'protest'...now call me inventive, but such an event would be absolutely ripe for an agent provocateur in the background, also wearing black clothing and a black face mask to throw, say, a fire bomb, or unleash a mag or two from a pistol or SBR and then run....I'm surprised it hasn't escalated to that point yet.

    1. I'm willing to bet that someone on the uglier side of the Left has that in their playbook, and is simply waiting to pick their moment.

      But, I'm a cynic. ;)



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