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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mozart: Appropriate Use

President Obama admitted, on a hot mic with Medvedev, that once he wins in November, it's Go Time.

I am convinced that if we make it to the election without imploding the economy or erupting in an orchestrated race war, the current Political Class (including those in Congress who share the President's worldview), will deliberately force the country to a point of violence on a national scale.

The current state of the union is seething, and needs little energy to erupt.

Bringing a UN Treaty to the Senate in an attempt to circumvent the Constitution and 2A would be a very good way to push many people beyond the point of tolerance. Obviously any such treaty would be unconstitutional, as no law may legitimately displace Natural Rights. But, being unconstitutional is the point, is it not?

The Enemies of Liberty want to invalidate the document.

Here's Mozart's take on the Small Arms Treaty.



  1. Well,if that UN treaty was ratified by our congressrats, would that mean we'd have blue helmeted international armies rolling into our backwoods to disarm us? Now, that might get interesting.
    Miss V

  2. Mo is on the money. But picture this: A repeat of the 2000 election complete with contested results, hanging chads, voter irregularities, and people screaming minority disenfranchisement. The Incumbent progressive socialists supports will cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war in a heartbeat in the larger urban centers with the usual baiters leading the charge. Loyal supporter created civil unrest will give them the very vehicle they are looking for to enact the very tools they have carefully assembled and are in place today - all treated with the theater premise of "Taking bold and just action to save the country and restore peace and order".

    Think: The Latest little exec order. The NDAA, The Insurrection Act. The creation of an active duty "Domestic response task force". The militarization of law enforcement. IMHO the best we can hope for is a final balkanizaiton of the country.


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