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Sunday, April 15, 2012


While the recap is useful, the engineers and other Freefor thinkers had soon best drop the observation mode and start wrapping their analytical tools around the prospect of defeating the Bad People. - Concerned American from this post, here.

I hope everyone will read and imprint that advice.

Each and every one of us must engage in meaningful action to advance the goal of Restoration. I do not mean violence. I mean action. Adding to your prep supplies is action. Meeting Patriots at PatComs is action. Handing out Constitutions at OWS if you feel it worthwhile is action. Finding out the who, what, where and when of the Enemies of Liberty in your AO is action. Determining key infrastructure in your AO is action. Hardening your home or vehicle is action. Learning six empty-hand chokes, arm bars and leg locks is action.

I believe that economic Implosion is imminent.

I believe violence will result and our world will change, and the flames of chaos will be fanned by Enemies of Liberty for their own immoral gain.

I believe that only in the chaos of Implosion will Liberty have a chance to recover lost ground. I also believe in that same chaos we may lose Liberty for the rest of our lives.

I believe that the chaos may be upon us at any moment, without warning, and will likely arrive in such a manner. It may be so abrupt and severe that simply getting home from work may be problematic. In the DC Metro area on 9/11 many people ended up spending the night in their cars, trapped on highways and major arteries.

So, Patriots, action. I still recommend throwing yourself and your Significant Other into a serious Krav Maga regimen for the next 6 months. I still recommend that you explore the dark side of malum prohibitum activity to condition yourself.

I still recommend you find some way to Count Coup every single day in some manner.

Based on my arithmetic, each Patriot will be responsible for taking the fight out of at least 85 Enemies of Liberty and their Useful Idiots. Have you even identified 85 Enemies of Liberty in your AO? Have you prioritized them? Do you know how to find them if required? Do you have any idea what they will do in response to the chaos? Will they create No-Go Zones where you can't reach them? Will they have security details assigned that do not exist today?

Action, Patriots. Every. Single. Day.

When it comes right down to it, the moment will come when you must stop existing in the theoretical, and walk up to an Enemy of Liberty and change his mind about tyranny.

Even many of the best prepared, best trained and luckiest Patriots will not survive what is coming our way. Work now to give yourself and your loved ones the best possible chance.

Remember: The Bad People already have a plan for you, and their tools are in place. They know where you are, where you shop, where you work, where your loved ones can be found, what medications you and yours need. You'd better put yourself in a position to strike first, and overwhelmingly. That requires action. Now.



  1. If you do not have Google Earth, get it. Find your city/AO. Put G.E. on your city/AO. It will show, for the most part, various points of interest and where they are. Also, if you work far from home, or your loved one does, you can plot out different routes on getting home. You can plot out various bug-out routes. The shy is the limit.

    1. Google Earth also is a great help for locating old roads and trails that haven't been used in yrs. If you know an area, and think you've been on some old roads, look it up, amazing what you can find from 80-100 yrs ago that is still there. Short cuts home on foot or ATV that no one else knows! Go explore and cut out logs/debris if necessary. Sit down and study the area around your own AO, in detail. Then print aerial photos, amazing what the USGS won't put on maps anymore.
      Semper Fi, 0321

    2. Absolutely, although I know the desert pretty well that I live in as I jeep it regularly, looking at G.E. I have found many old dirt roads I didn't know exist and a few shortcuts. I can also find some of the old mines just by looking for dirt roads or foot paths going up into some of the desert mountains.

    3. While you are out exploring, especially in the country, save the GPS coordinates of locations that could be useful to you: where water is located, where you see game animals, where there are caves/mines/potential shelter such as abandoned (but still sound) houses or other structures. If you find good locations where it is safe to do so, plan or make cache sites.

  2. How about just marking them on your map, or writing down the grid coordinates in a small notebook?
    GPS may be gone tomorrow, then what? Same for your laptop, the US Army will find itself in a world of hurt when all their laptops go down and not one rocket or round of artillery will find it's target. Nobody learns to use a compass anymore, "Oh, but my GPS is so much easier". Lotsa luck with that one! Or just when you need it the most, your batteries just went Tango Uniform! Use your GPS, but back it up with paper and compass.
    Semper Fi, 0321

    1. It is a _very_ good point to make a habit of transferring those locations onto paper, but there is nothing wrong with doing it the easy way. Doing your exploring now and tagging those places with a GPS unit that you want to be able to return to just simplifies things.

      Besides, you _do_ carry spare batteries for essential electronics, don't you? And stock rechargeable batteries that can be reused hundreds of times? My EDC flashlights and such are powered by rechargeables. And any weapons I use red dots or hologram sights on have back-up BUIS or iron sights. I know they can break down, at the worst possible moment.

  3. You wanna talk action without violence, fine. How about identifying all the present and future threats while you still can. Track them to where they live. Track where their children go to school and where their spouse shops. Track their travel patterns, when they go to sleep and when they rise. Id ALL threats in your AO. Cops, Feds, Politicians, Unions, Media, Military, etc. Does your local Armory have any useful hardware? Who runs it? Who has the keys? When and where do they do local training ops? Armed? Live ammo? I'm sure you get the drift.
    Harden your hearts.........


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