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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Days from Now - 237 Years Ago...

Battle of Menotomy - First Blood, 1775.

The British got to Concord with relative ease.

Getting back to Boston was a lot more expensive.

I wonder how many Patriots would turn out today if they knew a LEO Team was raiding the home of a Citizen to confiscate his firearms. That was essentially the mission the British had in Concord. Of course, they also had a couple of arrest warrants.

Read this account of that day in our history when Americans finally responded to British insults and injuries.

What will it take to repeat?

Consider that thousands of Patriots were within walking distance of that fight. And they made it into the fight.

How many Patriots would be within walking distance of your home if LEO showed up?

And, how many would show?

And, how many would flank LEO on your behalf?

Bleak, no?



  1. I'm screwed.
    Oh well. No pain, no gain.

  2. Bleak then, bleak now...

    Never discount providence! The odds do not favor liberty nor have they ever.

    We need a little something extra for this go around as well.

  3. Got caught up in the moment, great find!!

  4. "In war, numbers alone confer no advantage...."

  5. The article was a great read.

    But like Mozart said, we will not be as fortunate as our forefathers were in having assistance rally to us.

    Too many generations of conditional breeding & indoctrination to change that.

    I foresee that there must be some, for a better word, martyr's for our cause to prod the sheeple to wake up and rally to the Liberty Pole. It can not be a one here & one there for this to work.

    While it won't be a great gathering of people, it will be enough I think to bolster out ranks and gain the momentum that we need in engaging the enemy. Like the PATCOM's, this momentum will have to start locally. There is no way it will get traction on a national or even regional level.

    Until we have the awakening, it be nothing but news of a lone anti-govt gunman that nobody gives two shits about. And hopefully we will not end up like the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto.

    Just my .01 worth.


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