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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arab Spring? Not so much. Try Muslim Spring...

Some of us in this community knew what was happening as the Obama Administration helped topple Government's in Egypt and elsewhere.

Democracy, they called it.

You and I knew the minute it started, it was nothing more than a means to give Muslims rise to power, control of real military assets and State assets.

So yesterday, it is announced that representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood will be going to the White House.

Today, a rocket hits Israel from Sinai...which you will remember Israel was forced to return to Egypt once already ..."for peace".

F that.

I do not care what you think of Israel. She has powerful numbers of people on her borders who want every non-Muslim dead. She has very powerful people across the globe, including in Washington DC who want the Muslims to win in that cause.

Should Americans go and fight? Nope. Should American tax dollars be used to give Israel weapons or anything else? Nope.

Should America sell Israel whatever she wants to buy? Yep.

Should Americans shut their pie-holes and let Israel handle her business and defend herself from an existential threat?


My counsel to Bibi would be simple, and I am serious, I am not resorting to rhetoric: Test a tactical nuke in a place where there will be minimal damage (hopefully no loss of life).

And then tell the world you will make the pyramids radioactive for the next few hundred years the next time a rocket lands in Israel. Or the same treatment for Amman, or pick-a-capital.

End of problem.

You warn your enemies only once with your mouth. The second warning is not verbal.

Here's the story.



  1. I'm more in favor of Mecca as the first real shot. Right when it is packed with those boy-raping, women-stoning, daughter-killing sub-humans on Hajj. The Saudis are actually responsible for most of this shiite (pun intended) anyway, and it's about time they paid up, along with the damage to islam by hitting their shrine.

    The pyramids on a rainy day when there aren't many tourists would be a good demo shot.

  2. In Lebanon I wore a Golani beret and served in the IDF alongside damned good men of the USMC. When Hezbollah blew up the barracks,killing over 200 Marines, President Reagan cut and ran. We, however, tracked down the dirty bastards responsible, and they no longer pollute this earth.
    What will Barry O. do if Hezbollah pulls one off here in the states? It is well known they have taken full advantage of the southern border revolving door. They are here. Where do you run to then?
    I lost several Israeli friends who were avenging American blood. And, there are many Jewish Patriots here in America with family in Israel. We live here because we are Americans, proud, fearless and believe America is the greatest place on earth to live. We have the same enemies and fight alongside each other with great proficiency.
    So, if you hate Israel and do not want to support Israel I say reconsider, and realize that this ignorant mindset only works against you!
    Some day the battle will be brought home and then, pray GOD, it will not be too late!

  3. Robert the Irish,


    Indeed, with all the uplifting of the Reagen legacy, as may well be deserved?.?. he did cut and run. Of course a debate could be started as to the reasons why we were there in the first place.

    Maybe for another time.

    Regardless well said.


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