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Thursday, April 5, 2012

How about a Hero story...

A gunman tried a home invasion.

The gunman met Kilo, a 12 year-old Pit.

Gunman shot Kilo in the head.

Kilo still won the fight...the bullet bounced off his head.

Here's the story.



  1. Good dog. Actually, good humans and dog.
    Man opens door to something that seems completely innocent and reacts quickly when it's determined to be a threat.
    Girlfriend reacts correctly and releases guided missile.
    Guided missile engages threat.

    Another great example of man's best friend.

  2. Several years ago, a dog that looked almost identical to the one in the picture had ripped into my chicken pen and was killing my fowl. The first bullet had no effect- I thought I had missed. The second bullet stopped the attack, after which I discovered that the first bullet had just flattened out on the skull without penetrating the bone. Just for your education...


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