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Thursday, April 5, 2012

How many chains bind you...

How many facets of your life in which you voluntarily engage are genuine requirements of living versus mere constructs of others designed to make you behave in a desired fashion?

Think about it. You do not need a Driver's License to drive, do you? Does that piece of plastic in your wallet (or lack thereof) make you a better driver?

Yet the concept of having a State-issued Driver's License is so fundamental to the average American that not having one not only closes many of life's doors to you, but also makes the average American feel somehow less than his peers.

No, I am not making a Sovereign Citizen argument, here. Far from it.

My point is simply that the act of driving does not require, in a literal sense, a piece of plastic in your wallet, any more than riding a horse 150 years ago required State permission.

The perceived need for having a State-Approved Driver's License is so pervasive that even folks who claim to be advocates for Liberty take the position that you must show your State-issued permission slip to vote, or to open a bank account, or buy alcohol, or...the list goes on.

When a fallacy becomes accepted as a fundamental aspect of Citizenship, you truly do not have Liberty in any sense. You have a group of well-trained and well-behaved slaves.

And Slave isn't even the proper term, anymore.

You see, all in society today, all of the constructs, are designed to keep you productive so the State can keep revenue flowing into the Treasury.

It's all about the power to tax and the effort required to collect those taxes.

When you eagerly walk into the MVA and pay them for a permission slip, collecting the tax is easy. The State doesn't have to work hard at all, do they? You show up and pay your fee, so you can keep your license and keep buying your beer, or whatever else you want to do that "requires" ID.

Take a moment and think of all the things you do and for which you pay that the State takes a cut, or will ban you from playing.

Don't show your ID - you do not fly. You may not leave the country or return. You may not bank, vote, drive, buy a beer, buy a firearm...

At how many actions does a man at genuine Liberty bend knee and ask the State permission?

Am I suggesting that you drop off the grid? Nope. That is retreat.

Ignore them whenever and wherever you choose.

But do not accept the system since you know it is merely a construct to enslave you.

Force the system to change. Embrace your inner FU attitude! Push Back! Be offended that they even try this crap on you! Defend your neighbors from these bullies, as best you can.

And for folks who give me an excuse for why the State is correct and justified in imposing its will on your need to supply ID, or earn a license to be a plumber, or pay the State a licensing fee to hold a yard sale, I can argue from Liberty an alternative that will ensure "public safety" or whatever BS reason is given for the enslavement.

I am astonished and disappointed to a profound level when I hear people on "the Right" talk about the need to impose requirements to show your papers in order to vote! Can't you see how far down the road to abject slavery you have willingly walked once you take that position?!

Change the system. Do not settle for just beating it. Why let Tyrants have a single f'n toe-hold anywhere in America?! This is OUR land, and Tyrants are NOT welcome. Make them STFU, leave, or face a Free Man.

Afterall, it is your Right as an American to live free and at Libery. (I don't care much about other Tribes, let them work out their own problems.) We even have a set of documents that explicitly detail the few acts of Government that are permissable.

Why did the Founders & Framers not require State-issued ID? Why did they explicitly forbid direct taxation from the Federal level? Why did they not require young horsemen to paper-up before riding dad's plow horse into town?

Refusing to participate is ok, but it is not enough. The noose tightens daily to ensure you play by the rules of the State.

Dio recently hosted an excellent discussion about the need to, somehow, ensure that those who get to vote have some skin in the game.

The Constitution is silent on the issue, having left voting requirements to the States.

How much sense does it make to permit thieves to vote when the only issue on the ballot is how much they may steal from you this cycle? That's what our voting system is, today, when folks who do not pay taxes go to the polls. They are voting for more Government handouts, which Government employees (elected and hired) must then provide by stealing from the productive.

But now we get back to the machine of artificial constructs in place, like the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits the States from excluding folks from the polls.

Why would such a piece of legislation be put in place?

Why, Fairness, of course. Kerodin, you are such a mean SOB - why not let everyone vote?

Because, my friends, too many who vote pull levers for those who will steal more.

The only way to get the thieves out of the system is to remove as much profit motive as possible. The profit motive exists in the stolen revenue they call taxes.

The Constitution prohibits direct taxation. (Ignore the 16th Amendment - this is why ...as ratified... matters)

So, politicians who support direct taxation are violating the Constitution. Call it a High Crime or Misdemeanor - I don't care. I call it Treason, for it is making war upon the republic to undermine its most fundamental law and seeking to destroy it.

My point comes back to this: Examine what you are doing for 2 days, everything. Ask why you are doing it. Is it because to live you must do the act?

Or are you doing it because some bureaucrat, politician or other thief has made you think you need to do it...or told you to do it at the muzzle of a weapon.

I'll leave you with Sam Adams to contemplate the rest of your life: If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.



  1. I have argued for a long time that driving is a fundamental human right, not subject to "licensing" or anything else.

    When someone points out that the State "owns" the roads, so they can make the rules, I point out that just because they built it with money they stole, on land they stole or bought with stolen money, and just because they claim to own the roads, that doesn't make the State the owner. And, even if it did, then that's a good argument for getting rid of government-"owned" roads, not for excusing the oppression.

    I don't know if you are familiar with my book "Problem? Solved!", but it contains a lot of examples of ways to approach "problem" issues with a respect for liberty.

  2. Absolutely spot on...what, pray tell, are all those black-robed babalonian devil worshipping child molesters going to do come the Restoration? .......the rope gentleman, the rope!

  3. Unless you take the fight to the fucks who work for gobernment,who enforce gobernment.get used to them chains.We are dogs,chained up and barking little dogs trying to get thier masters notice.
    Ruled by these clowns,death and mayhem sounds like payback.Get Some

  4. Yesterday while our daughter and grandchildren were down helping me get ready for Easter dinner a govt employee came to our house to collect the information for the census bureau that I refused to answer on the Community Survey booklet sent in the mail and that I used to start the morning fire with. Both times it was sent. Grandpa had to explain to granddaughter why her grandmother would not invite the man into the house.
    I told the man that I answered the REQUIRED questions in the regular census and that all the other questions were intrusive and if they wanted to send me to jail for it, so be it. He told me he wasn't the census police and they didn't do that. I asked him why the hell they put on the cover of the questionnaire that it was required by law to answer it and punishable by imprisonment if the questionnaire wasn't filled out and sent back. He hemmed and hawed. I told him I considered it harassment. He tried several ways to convince me it was in my best interest to answer all those questions. I refused. Government employees do not know what to do with people who KNOW their own minds. They do not know what to do with people who know their rights. They do not know what to do with people who don't want anything from the government. They simply can not wrap their minds around the concept. They are part of the traitorous cancer in our country. Scalpel please.
    Miss Violet

    1. Good for you regarding the .gov employee ?

      Got lead ?

      DAN III

  5. Amen. Exactly what I've been trying to get across for 5 years now (with little success)...

  6. Re: voting. I've pretty much given up on doing such simply because voting doesn't change anything. If the electorate manages to vote in a replacement for a career politician, that new guy seems to vote to steal our Liberty just as the scoundrel he replaced. On the other hand, when someone runs for office who has III values that opponent to the incumbent can't get elected. The sheeple reelect the career politician.

    Voting ? Its become a joke.



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