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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Consider: Mumbai

Have you run the numbers on Mumbai?

10 Attackers killed 164 and wounded 308 over 3 days.

That's 16 kills per Operator.

Working in 2-man teams, or even solo, how many scalps do you think you'd put on your belt before going down? Obviously, you would not target non-combatants. I also assume you would not plan a one-way Op, but rather a series of engagements at various locations wherein you hit and run. Americans are not afraid of one-way missions, but we do try to get home. That's just how we're built.

One Operator in the current climate would not get very far, probably. OpFor would be able to concentrate resources, unless they were spread thinly due to circumstances. Can you make circumstances favorable? Will you simply wait until circumstances become favorable?

How many anti-Liberty Extremists live in your AO? Do you know? Do you know where?

Have you prioritized?

Does this topic make you uncomfortable to consider?

I do not know how many of you have ever been in a genuine fight for your life. It is never pretty. It is never heroic. It is never casual, certainly not as casual as many seem to think. In a firefight you can go temporarily deaf, especially if you have sensitive hearing. Even in a non-firearm fight you can lose full range of your senses. Tunnel vision is a bitch. The adrenaline dump can be debilitating if it is your first time to the dance.

Our blogs are filled with heated rhetoric, yet obviously not one of us has found their line in the sand, regardless of public declarations.

Still not a single report anywhere that I have found about a single Enemy of Liberty going missing. Not one Bankster duct-taped to a Liberty pole.

Think about Mumbai. Men armed with automatic weapons, with zero target discrimination over 3 days, with online Intel in their ears and no intent to survive, killed an average of 16 each.

And what is the ratio needed, in an Existential full-throttle fight for Liberty in America?

If you think 100:1 is a high figure, re-check your arithmetic.

That is not a kill ratio. But it is a lowball ratio of the number of people every Patriot will be required to take out of the fight, one way or another.

Have you even identified 100 anti-Liberty Extremists in your AO?

This is a rhetorical post, not necessarily for comments.



  1. Man, I live in Kalifornia. No shortage of enemies here.

  2. I have, most of them are on TV, and the list gets longer everyday. Around Katy, who knows, most don't speak English, so does that put them in the X or O column? Your columns are very though provoking, when it comes to my family, I don't question my resolve, but my effectiveness is another issue. I hope to get some quality training time in this year as well as in better shape and better prepared. I don't think that it will take much to get the "vunables" in-town from coming out.


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