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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TL to the Tea Party: Drop The White Flag and Fight

My disappointed .02: That dog ain't gonna hunt.

When the world gets hot there will be people fighting at the shoulders of III Patriots, but do not think for even a moment that they share your values or goals.

They will help us fight a common enemy, until the biggest threat remaining on the field is the III - then they will turn their muzzles on us.

There is abundant evidence of that already, here in our own blogs and behind the scenes as PuppetMasters try to guide you like good little worker bees to the tasks they want accomplished, and the world isn't even hot yet.

I know which necks need my blade, before all is said and done.

Do you?

Here's the link.



  1. Spot on brother.... spot on!

  2. The TEA party was hijacked by NeoCon Republicans. I have NO use for TEA Party scoundrels. They are not what they were intended to be.

    Screw the TEA Party.


  3. The first time I realized this type of mindset was in 1975 in a couple's bible class. We were discussing issues that were affecting our faith and I brought up the fact that more and more prayers are being taken out of our schools. And guess what, one father said, "well, I don't want my kid having to hear a prayer from someone I don't know". What? This is totally against what I believed in. I had been listening to prayers in school since 1st grade. SOMETHING is better than nothing. But here was this idiot, in church, knocking prayer time. This comment is not meant to preach, but present the kind of mindset and reason that we are up against. As for our freedoms, we are running out of SOMETHINGS to nothings.
    You are either a patriot, or you will run and hide.

    1. Hey, save it for Church Chat next Sunday. Has nothing to do with being a Patriot, absolutely nothing!

      Semper Fi, 0321

  4. Hey Anon, that was a long time ago. I got tired of the church chat and quit going. You didn't get the point.

    1. There was one? Sorry.
      Semper Fi, 0321


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