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Friday, April 20, 2012

Edging closer to a Ruckus, targets are identifying themselves...

Don't believe in Climate Warming? This guy wants to let your house burn down.

At least we understand one another.

There can be no coexistence.

Here's the link.

FYI: I did not link to the Alex Jones piece because they deliberately mis-stated the columnist. He did not call for active targeting and burning of non-believers homes. He said let them burn.



  1. wonder how he feels about lead in the enviornment? Specifically the 5.56MM kind...

  2. I believe each person should husband the resources that they have had the good fortune to have, but I also think that the fanatic environmentalist are nothing more than green communists. Just another way to control people.
    Miss Violet

  3. Just a dose of lead Roundup and those pesky weeds should be gone FOREVER! Use liberally.

    Semper Fi, 0321


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