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Friday, April 20, 2012

France: Reviving Nationalism & American Secession

Pat Buchanan notes in his latest column that France is moving away from an identity as a European blend toward her roots as Frenchmen. This includes a growing resistance for her millions of Muslims.

Germany recently made it clear that while Muslims were welcome, Islam was not. Obviously, that is a position that will not hold. One cannot live with a foot in both of those camps for long.

The grand notion of a unified Europe with walls, borders and national identities falling and blending to one homogeneous new entity is dying, fast. Economic struggles are the hardest in a marriage, and it is no different in a marriage of nations. The Euro, the EU, are failing and they are being abandoned as concepts by powerful participants.

And the winner: National identity.

Soon the politicians of Europe will echo the citizens of their nations and identify first as Frenchmen, Germans, Greeks, and so on. Old enmities will be remembered as new insults and grievances pull off scabs.

Europe was not able to get over the hump that Americans managed.

Ask 99.9% of Americans the name of their country, and they will say America. Most who refuse to identify as American will offer "Texan". A few will proclaim "I am a Virginian."

But, that minority will never be undone without a catalyst of monumental power and effect. Americans are too connected by common language and other factors to ever again define themselves by their place of residence. Our differences are ideological, and manifest along racial, economic and political divides.

The enemy is among us, our neighbors, employers, employees, and they see the world in the same light - we are their enemies, and among them. Texas is as infested with Marxists as is Florida. No State is free of either Marxists or Patriots.

Any catalyst of sufficient magnitude to bring violence among our divisions will look far more like a man trying to strangle himself than any conflict in our known history, with clear lines of separation.

One side or the other will only win by eliminating the enemies in their respective AO's. Secession is not possible, unless those in the seceding region/state eliminate all dissenters in their midst. Survival will then depend upon a geographical footprint sufficient for trade, defense, and self-sufficiency.

No Marxist State that borders a Patriot State will ever rest until the Patriot State is vanquished from existence. You lie to yourself if you believe otherwise. It is the nature of the Marxist to conquer, not to coexist. If you make a treaty in your new Patriot land with the Marxists across the border, you ensure that one day your children will have to handle the problem.

France will never again be a nation of Frenchmen until her citizens encourage the Muslims in their midst to leave...or strangle them to death wherever they may be found within her borders.

Consider that reality as you look across your AO and consider your future, and the future of your children.

Here is the piece by Pat.


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  1. Interesting that the only comments to his article (on that web site) are from members of the Left.


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