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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few links

Kenny: Talking to idiots is hard, here.

K.I.S.S.: Never Give Up, here.

Resistor in the Rockies: How to take out an Armored Vehicle, here.



  1. At one point in time, the Cheyenne Tribe did not have a formal government. Their people were disorganized, crime was widespread, and they continually were under attacked by other nations. Sweet Medicine, a Cheyenne cultural hero, wanted to see his people be united and work together to prevent crime and future attacks. Sweet Medicine developed a civil government to help accomplish this. This civil government comprised of several groups of warrior societies to act as police and military forces. One of these groups in particular was known as the Dog Soldiers. The Dog soldiers were well known for their harsh punishments of criminals, and were fierce in battle. The Dog Soldiers would fight off the enemy while their people made a safe getaway.

    These soldiers could also be known as “Stake Soldiers”. When in battle, they would drive their stakes into the ground, and the soldier would not move from that spot. They would stand and fight to their death.

    I am a tired old man.
    Oh, but I remember the days when I was young, strong, determined, and mean.
    I remember the days of warriors.
    The days when a man said what he meant, meant what he said, and covered the ground he stood on.
    The days when a man gave to God instead of taking from God.
    The days when a man did not need the world, the world needed him.
    A man knew he stood alone. And he stood.
    When men were warriors.

  2. The AFV removal graphics was interesting.


  3. I've been remiss in replying to this. I've got up close and personal with the DHS "vagen". It has an external fire suppression system designed to coat the outside of the vehicle in a flame retardant foam (look closely under the rear fender, the line and nozzle are visible). It also has high pressure washers designed to clear the windshield - paint ain't gonna blind it. To summarize it's almost fireproof and pretty much paint proof. What it ain't: A tank. It's mobility is highly hindered in a tightly constricted environment. It also lacks one other thing: Protection for the passengers once the toys are all expended. Better suggestion: Channel it to a blocking point over a manhole. From there think EFP. It's soft in the belly.

  4. Anti-material rounds. Eitber .338 Lapua or. 50 BMG. That will take care of it.



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