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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long, Hot Summer

When one considers how to take the most powerful, dynamic and moral country in the world to the brink of Implosion, the conclusion must be that the forces of Evil are winning. The pieces on the chess board are in place. They need only to mature a bit, and then someone will nod and unleash Hell from several directions.

And America will Implode.

To truly understand what is happening you must understand the goals and methods of old-school Communism, and how they destabilize moral countries. You must understand Golitsyn and Angleton. You must understand Race and Class enmity, which is an innate facet of Mankind. And you must understand the default reactions of what we Humans are: Upper-Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherers.

Only by understanding these underlying aspects of the war that has been waged upon America since Lincoln can you truly connect all the dots and understand how the Enemies of Liberty plan to move against you.

Zimmerman is now in the ugliest part of the machine. He is fodder. He can be useful when the case is dismissed, at the right moment, to enrage Blacks and unleash their violence, while appeasing the Latino voting block. But timing will be everything. The Zimmerman case was not planned, it is simply an opportunity that has been capitalized upon.

Economy: Every single move made by the current Administration has been deliberately designed to undermine Capitalism, to stress it to a breaking point. It, too, is coming to a head and only needs someone to pull the trigger at the right moment. At the right moment the FSA will fail to receive checks, it will be blamed on heartless Republicans, and when combined with the acquittal of Zimmerman, promises an even greater response in Class enmity.

Fuel prices are a wholly fabricated construct of powers who put profits and power before the good of Liberty. Read Seal Training & Trained SEALS for insight.

ObamaCare is another plate in the air, promised to be decided before the election. No matter the outcome, there will be very angry masses.

No man can get a fair criminal trial today, for most of the laws are malum prohibitum and have no place sending people to prison.

And when the festivities begin, how many stories of LEO confiscating guns do you think it will take to bring FreeFor off the porch?

When that happens, OpFor is handed their justification to impose harsh control and deploy FedGov troops in support of local LEO.

Read the ten goals of Communism that have been their Doctrine since the end of WWII, and you will see we have fallen, in many cases willingly, into satisfying them all.

We have a soft, clueless populace. The thin veneer between needing and taking is failing.

Patriots, if you are not prepared to begin hunting, if you do not understand that you will need to hunt soon, crouch down now and lick the hand that feeds you.

RevWarIII is here.

You have already been targeted.

Have you returned the favor? Or do you think you can get to that later?

Liberty is a novel aberration among Human animals. It will die if you do not kill for it.

It is that simple.

You will not have the luxury of waiting for Evil to come for you - it is already in your life in countless ways. Consider how many things you do every day that are merely to comply with the diktats of men with guns.

I would suggest you do not wait to be Zimmerman'd. Once they come for you it is too late. We do not have all of the facts of the Zimmerman case. I know that if I were challenged where I had a right to be, I'd defend my right to be there. Period.

Regardless, the Zimmerman case is now nothing more than a button ready to be pushed by evil men with an evil agenda.

Whenever you have the opportunity, Kill Evil before it has a chance to arrive for you in an organized fashion.

It's your move, Patriot.


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