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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zimmerman: Murder Two

And here we go...

KD writes it up, here. (Thanks Rich)

WaPo: Here.

2nd Degree Murder, here.

Black Panthers: 'The things that's about to happen, to these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs'... Here.

Holder praises Sharpton and DoJ will review Zimmerman case, here.

Pay attention, folks. This is building momentum beyond the Sparklie.

Add OWS over the next few months, one or two more "incidents", and...boom.



  1. George Zimmerman is going to be arrested and put in front of a kangaroo court to be convicted. The handwriting is all over the wall!!! Evidence to prove his guilt will be the only thing to see the light of day. Everything else is going to be shoved into a corner of a very dark room in places unknown!!

    This is being done to appease the masses.

    Newark, Ohio

  2. Here we go everyone. The start AND finish line is in view.
    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!


  3. Politically motivated lynching is what it is. Remember when Gov. Ventura said he got into office, the CIA gave him a visit? No doubt, that someone gave the prosecutor a visit. Power has a hierarchy... someone from above came calling and winked.

  4. They just popped murder 2 on him.

    KD has a good write up on it.

  5. When the rule of law becomes dictated to by emotional masses, we no longer have rule of law, we have rule of men. In this case, (I mentioned this point on my blog) what we have, is one shade shy of a "Posse of Vigilantes".
    Everything leading to this day is due in no small part to a dedicated few that have been stirring the pot for years. Jackson, Sharpton, even that jackknob preacher that Obama DIDN'T listen to (HAH!!!)
    We won't need to go the green, they will bring the green to us, and on their terms.
    Only the truly prepped and sneaky will make it to the other side.

  6. There is NO equal protection under the law. Infuriating.

  7. The really sad thing is that the kid turned himself in, hoping that the system exonerates him. Whether he was right or wrong doesn't matter anymore, he's the sacrificial lamb, and he will go off to be slaughtered! If the jury doesn't, the prison will.
    Here's another case where these traitors like Holder slide out of being hung for Fast and Furious, and then become heroes for hanging Zimmermann.
    Semper Fi, 0321

  8. It's starting to look like the Peoples court ala French Revolution. Our own Aristocracy of the USA "The Elites" might want to study a bit of history of what happened to Robespierre and Hitler's minions on the "Night of Long Knives". Of course it's different this time and 6000 years of history can't compete with my IVY league degree.
    The hubris, Denial, Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance is truly astounding.

  9. George Zimmerman was sacrificed to keep the blacks from rioting, looting and setting fires, end of. What I would like to know is-since the DOJ is involved-how come Michelle Williams, head of the NBPP hasn't been charged with making terroristic threats or leading a terrorist organization? After all didn't we kill a whole bunch of Arab's for calling for American deaths? Fair is fair...


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