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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

History of Successful Political Systems

The most effective means to achieving dominance of your preferred political system is to be rid of those who oppose your system.

Even in the Founding of our republic, those who advocated the King's system were told to leave, shut up, or shot.

Our problem has always been our compassion, our tolerance for stupidity in the name of, well, tolerance.

But our tolerance for people who advocate Socialism and worse is stupid.

Our tolerance in permitting them to use our own system to murder our system is stupid.

At some point all of the parsing of words and intent and morality must be set aside.

At some point the adults in the room will have to stand up and kill the parasites that are infecting the wheat.

Those adults will have to ignore the wailing and the slurs that they are barbaric, fascist, and worse.

But that is what adults do, lest the children turn delinquint and run the home.

I could use more hostile metaphors.

Excise the cancer before it kills the patient.

Cull the herd.

But you get it.

It really is not more complicated than that. One day, Patriots will simply have to decide to be rid of those who are Enemies of Liberty. And there is no nice, polite way to do it. They need to sit down, shut up, leave or face trial for Treason - and trial in a Court is optional.

There is work to be done, Patriots.



  1. It is my understanding that the TSA screeners have really poor morale because of the constant stream of "abuse" they're exposed to by regular human beings. I'm working on a post suggesting that it's time to do that to every damned parasite we have in our government. We need to make it so people are ashamed to work as tax leeches.

    Let's call 'em as we see 'em, and let them know they're hated. Should your dystopian future come about what do you think the life expectancy of IRS agents will be?


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