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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Mr. Immelt, when are you going to pay the $26 billion in taxes," asked Shyquetta McElroy, a mother of two who traveled from Milwaukee. "I pay my taxes year after year — why doesn't GE?"

Do you agree with Shyquetta?

Before you answer, think it through.

Are you the Russian Pig Farmer who complains to the State that he has only 2 pigs, while his neighbor has three, then demands that the State kill one of his neighbors pigs?

Why does it matter to you how many pigs your neighbor may have?

More importantly: Why would you prefer to draw GE down into the taxpayer muck, rather that lifting everone else out of it?

Corporations do not pay taxes, folks. They do not pay fees. They do not pay fines. Ask any businessman, any such burden imposed by the State is passed through to the end-user.

You pay for it.

The State is merely using the Corporation as another tax collector.

Corporate taxes are just one more way of extracting money from your wallet for the State. What if the State had the balls to drop all coroporate taxes and just add your share to your annual bill? You'd pitch a fit. So, they hide it in "Corporate Taxes". How much do you pay in taxes in every loaf of bread? Every gallon of fuel?

Direct taxation is immoral, unjust, and forbidden by the Constitution.

Do not hate GE.

Follow their lead.

Here's the link to the story.


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  1. The woman is an idiot. Corporations (and even the small 'mom & pop' corner store) NEVER pay "their own taxes". Like any other cost of doing business, "taxation" is always passed along to their customers. They HAVE to do this or they don't stay in business. It's just basic economics.

    Either "taxation" is theft, in which case it is never right, or it isn't, in which case any amount of "taxation" up to and including 100% is OK.

    Now, corporations are a government-created fiction which shouldn't exist, and wouldn't in a free society, but they are a symptom of the disease, not the cause. They adapted to the reality that a coercive State exists, and they have taken advantage of that situation to benefit their stockholders. The situation needs to be changed and then the adaptations to survive under those conditions will also change.


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