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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoodie Update

OK, folks: Since we need to hit a minimum quantity before I can place the order for hoodies, and we are not screaming toward the finish line, anyone who chooses not to wait should let me know. No harm, no foul - you folks who have ordered should not be penalized because others failed to step up.

So, just let me know.



  1. You know where I stand on this. I will wait for a sweatshirt, or the money can go towards the gun show. I don't have to have a sweatshirt, patch, or hat to know what I believe in, I'm just trying to support the expansion of the III. If you're tired of messing with particular item, be done with it. As for the others, meh, ya snooze, ya lose. You shouldn't have to nursemaid them. Just my 2 cents. Dang, I just realized my laptop doesn't have cents symbol. ;)
    Miss Violet

  2. Hey K, does the purchase of a sweatshirt go towards the Buy A Gun Day chits?
    Miss V

    1. MissV: Yep - though AP has dropped the project, I'll hold up my end.

      If anyone out there has the time to manage the Buy a Gun Day project, it is a worthy cause.


  3. Same here Bro! I like hoodies and want to support the cause,if you have to cancel just use my money for 527!



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