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Friday, April 20, 2012

Humans: Our own worst enemy

For those folks who are looking forward to some major paradigm shift in the current state of human affairs, worry not.

Whether fact or spin, the concept that fracking may be contributing to Earthquakes is telling of our arrogance as a species.

But if the tie between fracking and Earthquakes proves to be nothing more than environmentalist spin, not to worry: Humans have proved time and again that the least responsible among us will find a way to inflict damage upon the species with the latest and greatest.

Be it nuclear weapons, microwave disruptors, a biological bug released from some lab, we Humans are certain to be responsible for our own demise.

Indeed, we do not even need a big force-of-nature to thin the herd.

We created a "thing-of-value" in a FRN from nothing but our own greed.

We can't eat it. We can't build shelter with the paper. It will not keep us warm and dry in a winter rain.

When we lose faith in that FRN, the result will be panic, plunder, starvation, disease, and Tyranny from those with the weapons.

Rest easy, folks. We'll find a way to screw it up.


1 comment:

  1. There may well come a time when FRNs will substitute for difficult to acquire Charmin tp.

    On another note, concerning the availability of GPS: it appears that the government may have sufficient control over the system to shut it down, or at least degrade it, in specific areas at their whim.



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