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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Patriot's Day - Is it your Day?

By this time the shot heard around the world had been fired.

Today is a day for introspection.

You know the state of the world, the course and speed of our imminent Implosion, and your place in it.

You know your obligations.

It is Patriot's Day.

Decide how you will live the remainder of your life.

Patriot, or Slave.



  1. I bought a Mosin/Nagant today in celebration.

    My plan is to put a synthetic stock on it with a high-speed recoil pad to protect my delicate shoulder.

    Ironic, isn't it? Using a Commie rifle to kill Commies...

    I am an enigma wrapped in a riddle...and bacon.

  2. @WZ:
    "I bought a Mosin/Nagant today in celebration.

    My plan is to put a synthetic stock on it with a high-speed recoil pad to protect my delicate shoulder."

    LOL, I can still feel the recoil from the first shot on my Mosin. Ow.

    I put a recoil pad on the butt. Still hurt.

    Oh, to answer the question: Patriot. K: See you at TL's...

  3. All I heard today was a soft whimper. The echo of the shot is long gone...

  4. The reason you heard the soft whimper, instead of the shot, was because of the current sitrep. Nothing of import, besides the PatCons, is happening, because the OPFOR hasn't made their blundering stagger yet, out in the open, for all to see. They will, they're socialist/communists, they can't help themselves, and they always overreach. Only a few of us are in any state of readiness, and when OPFOR makes their mistake, and they will, they'll be enough on hand to pull that trigger. What you hear now, with that whimper, is the Great Unease, where millions now know that something bad is about to happen, and they don't want to face it. When it does, the Unease will cease, and the Rage will begin. Think of it as going from singing,"You light up my life", to uttering some Screamo song. Something like what's coming can't remain coiled up and seething forever. One side or the other will yank that lanyard, and here we go.

  5. WZ: Use the 147-grain stuff in the spam can. My Finnish SAKO is heavy enough to negate severe recoil and the steel-tipped fodder is very flat shooting.

  6. Kerodin,

    In honor of Patriot's Day (+1), Ann Barnhardt is selling billboard space in Kansas, or at least taking suggestions. She may not agree with us on everything - or with some of us on much of anything - but sure as shooting, she's a fellow traveller. I think the a gigantic Minuteman and III would look awful spiffy, and get a few folks thinking.

  7. Sean's right. Nobody wants to end up as 1 stupid gun wacko that made tonights news, but wait until the dam breaks. There are way too many of these egomaniac commies trying to get center stage, one of them will take a huge leap he can't make, and the patriots will start mopping up. History has shown that this will not last forever, some twigs will have to snap.
    Semper Fi, 0321


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