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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update: Ogden LEO get flanked & spanked

The original story is here.

BonnieGadsden did an update, here.



  1. Sadly....today American cops are no longer peace officers. They're "law enforcement". They are also militarized thugs who use excessive force for the most minor infractions.

    I've developed an extreme dislike for "law enforcement". They can't be trusted to "protect and serve". Those Ogden Stasi got what they deserved.


  2. Dan has it right. At some point the LEo's became frontal assault, para-military thugs. Smart and peaceable law enforcement is no longer even thought about. I once had a job servicing the closed network for my states LEO data base. That was almost 20 years ago and what I saw and heard back then made me sick. They looked for the guys (and gals) who's main motivation was to split heads and shoot people. And they didn't even try and hide it much.

  3. All I can say is WAHOO!, he sure can shoot while under pressure. The rest of us should take some lessons from all of this.
    We do have the ability to take the high ground, and as scared as we may get, most of them are incompetent egomaniacs who bleed and die just like the rest of us. Think like a warrior, and give it back tenfold.

  4. I love a happy ending.

    Will you tell me another bedtime story, Uncle Sam? :D

  5. From the update, the PD claims child porn was found in the house.
    Suuuuure it was.
    That story used to work with me. Now, not so much. It's not difficult to plant evidence "showing" the suspect was downloading that garbage over a long period of time. The really scary thing with a public claim like that is, once it's made, the suspect WILL be prosecuted for it, because it would look odd if it did not appear in the eventual indictment.

  6. It lays out an interesting tactical study, doesn't it? Instead of meeting them at the door most of the building had been cleared before it went hot. I wonder how that might have changed the outcome. Did LEO get lax, thinking he wasn't there after all? Did the search spread them out in an unfavorable way?

    As a mentor once told me, whoever said it's good to learn from mistakes never said they had to be our own.


    1. Daniel,

      Good points you make. Yes....they became lax as they entered, started clearing, nothing.....down goes the situational awareness. Then BOOM !

      Too bad each and every one of those bastards failed to get a permanent dose of lead poisoning.

      DAN III


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