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Monday, April 30, 2012

III Liberty Conference

I am calling for a III Liberty Conference in Washington DC just days before the Election and the Buy a Gun Day.

We are in this place of inaction rooted in indecision, in a time that requires direct, aggressive action to counter the efforts of the Enemies of Liberty.

Calls for us to mix and mingle in OWS and similar steps are too little, too late.  Calls for us to engage in Secret Squirrel machinations are a stain upon the noble goal of Restoration of the Constitution, as ratified.

We need to short circuit the process in a way that declares who we are, what we intend, and conveys our absolute commitment.  We need to stand up and be counted.

We will have Liberty or we will embrace Death.

Time is short.

I have decided to take point.  If you decide this is not for you, so be it.

I am a man of action.  I am a man who says what I mean, and I mean what I say.  When I see bullshit, I call bullshit.  Some of you saw a glimpse of that this weekend.  I have zero tolerance for people who use this struggle for Liberty for personal gain or aggrandizement.  Our community is among the smallest on the field.  I am a Constitutionalist.  That is my goal.  I will be part of Restoration of the Constitution, as ratified, or I will be dead.

It is what it is.

Friday November 2, 2012 I will have a hall rented for III Patriots to meet in private.

Saturday November 3, 2012 I will have a hall rented for III Patriots and advocates of Liberty in Washington DC.  We will walk boldly into the lair of the Enemy and look him in his eye and we will tell our enemies where we stand, what we intend, and what will happen if they do not immediately cease and desist in their abuse of the Constitution.

I will take point.  I will give that speech.  I will take the heat.  I will say things that will probably be sufficient to earn an indictment.

There will be national media present.  There will be representatives of groups like SEIU and other Enemies of Liberty in the hall.  I invite them to open their mouths.  I invite them to start a Ruckus.

Playtime is over.

We will be free and at Liberty, or we will have a Ruckus.

What I ask of you, Patriots: I ask you III Patriots to join me.

Find a way to come to Washington DC for 2 days, ready to demand Liberty.

I ask only genuine III Patriots.  I ask that if you sincerely would stand on the Green with John Parker and his men, that you find a way to travel to DC on November 3 and stand with me in that hall, filled with Enemies of Liberty.  I will do what I can through the 527 to help defer as much expense as possible.

I spoke with Mark Roote at TL's event and he sparked my brain.  I will ask 3 things of every Patriot who chooses to stand with me.

1) I ask that you wear a III Minuteman or III Shoulder Patch (That will get you free admission to the event)
2) I ask that you wear a III Shirt (I will have them printed) that says: I am unarmed.  This is the last time I will ever arrive unarmed. Enemies of Liberty: You have been warned.
3) I ask that you wear an empty holster and an empty rifle sling in plain view.

I will have a Keynote speaker from professional Washington: Pat Buchanan, Judge Napolitano, or some similar person who understands our position.

Every III Patriot in attendence will be granted 5-10 minutes at the podium to speak his/her mind.

I will have extensive MSM media on hand, print and television.

I will suggest that we all sign our names to a document that lists our train of abuses and parallels the original Declaration of Independence, and that after our statements, we march a few blocks to either Congress or the White House and deliver it as formal warning to our elected representatives.

I suggest that our ultimatum be simple, and we all sign our names to it as did John Hancock: We will have Freedom to live at Liberty, as defined by Mister Jefferson and enshrined in the DoI, Constitution and Bill of Rights, or when we disband and return to our separate AO's, we will begin defending ourselves and our neighbors from unconstitutional acts of Government.

Patriots: I will be there, and I will do this.

I will do it alone, if I must.

I would prefer not to be alone.

If they mean to have a war, let them start with me.

It is time.



  1. There is only one way to defeat Marxists, and this is it.


    Will make attendance a #1 priority.

    Stand and do not bend.


  2. I am in.

    Will do my best to bring added back up.

  3. i'm in, sam.

    -- ca

  4. I will spread the word among the Militias I am in contact with. I am predisposed to direct action.

  5. Wow I will check and see if I am on or off that week or if I can trade out. Damn I hate leaving my AO but will do my best to be there! PS I just ordered a patch and another hoodie.I kept getting error going thru 527 so anyway both hoodies in black please.


  6. I will be there. I may have +2, but I will be there.

  7. Damn K.
    I can't sit here and tell you I will be there because at this point I don't know if I can, and you know how I feel about ponying up if you say you're going to do something.

    I WILL give you MY WORD that I WILL do EVERYTHING I possibly can, to be there. This is important and I want to be there.

    Teresa Sue aka Miss Violet

  8. bitter clinging texanMay 1, 2012 at 7:57 AM

    This is a bold and ambitoions undertaking
    good Luck

  9. I tend to be a Strategic Pessimist with a view to what can go wrong. A big downside I see to this is having our best and most competent all bagged and NDAA'd at once while unarmed and far from home turf. Seems like a quick, easy way to gut the movement before the main Ruckus. Sam, you said it's time to "come get some". What's the plan for when they do?


  10. I will do my best to be there.
    I would also suggest an alternative to going into DC unarmed: I would suggest (and prefer) if we could have both meetings across the river in Virginia where it is legal to be openly armed and then after our statement is made and our oaths given, we select a group of delegates to send into DC to present it. I also think that rather than a shirt saying we came unarmed this time, we change it to a shirt that says, "Next time we come to air our grievances, we won't stop at the bridges" (or something along those lines). Whoever is selected to cross into DC will obviously be required to leave their arms with the rest of the group, but I believe that they should maintain radio contact at all times until safely outside the "castle" again.
    I don't believe that "we came unarmed" will be a strong enough statement. I think we need to actually be armed.
    This must be the last time we say "this is the last time". We must actually make them believe that it is the last time and again, I don't think getting within spitting distance and only having the power to spit on them sends a strong enough message. I think we send a small delegation in unarmed under a banner of truce, but we have the arms to protect that delegation as nearby as possible.

    Obviously, it's not my decision, and I will do my best to attend either way, but we need to present a stronger front, not a castrated one.

  11. Daniel raises a good point.
    A group somewhere nearby?

    (Coincidentally also named)

  12. If you carry that day in Virginia, watch your VA/DC state boundary line as it is actually on the VA side of the Potomac River around Memorial Bridge!

  13. Thanks to all, I'll respond to everyone in a while.

    Remembering that the event is still in the embryonic stage: Friday will be a closed meeting just for us. I have no problem with Friday being an armed day.

    But, I was thinking of a hotel ballroom more than an outdoor event. We've done the outdoors, and PatComs are perfectly suited for outdoors. But in my mind this is a more stand up and be counted political event designed to engage the public, so I am leaning for an indoor venue for both Friday (just us) and Saturday (politicians, Enemies of Liberty and us).

    Even in Virginia, most hotels will have a problem carrying in the meeting rooms. (liability insurance is a bitch) I'll try to find one that has no restrictions. This is where I'd like to have our discussions, I'd like to serve folks a dinner, or at least a buffet or snacks, so we can continue the fabulous work you have all been doing at PatComs.

    As for Saturday: I am not concerned with an NDAA-style sweep by our Enemies. We will be exercising 1A with empty holsters and rifle slings prominently displayed, just 72 hours before the election. We will have an outstanding opportunity to make it into the news cycle. I want SEIU and OWS idiots on hand so we can look them in their eyes and tell them the same thing we are telling the Political Class: This is the last time we come unarmed. You are Enemies of Liberty and you have finally pushed us to the point that we intend to remove you from the controls of society.

    I think LEO will be on hand, but instead of targeting us, I think they will try to keep the peace.

    Any Patriot in the room must be ready to take a bloody nose, and reciprocity is in-bounds.



    1. Lewis Wetzel here

      I admire your idea. I also like Mark R's idea about VA; something to consider.
      But I think the timing may be off.
      Please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't most lawmakers going to be in their home districts doing last minute campaigning right before the election?
      And again, thanks for waking me up.

    2. Lewis: Meeting you and understanding what you told me was very moving for me, sir. If I have done nothing else with my efforts, I feel it was not in vain because of what you said. I sincerely thank you. I have questioned my efforts many times, and you put that to rest for me.

      Yes, the politicians will be out of town. Senior Staff will be here, however, as will Occupy, Union slugs, Lobbyists and other vermin from the Political Class, and the point is media coverage to disrupt the political conversation 72 hours before folks go to the polls.

      No matter where the politicians will be in those hours, the news will smack them in the face.


  14. Why not skip this stage and go for the final one? Here are the reasons: 1) the MSM will not give you any publicity under normal circumstances; 2) it will be an economic hardship on many to attend, and the funds could be better used to buy much-needed supplies and gear for the final stage; 3)by going to DC to protest, you reinforce the idea that that is where the most important targets are. On the contrary, virtually every town and city are target-rich environments. Look at it this way: the elites are few and are dependent on "the hewers of wood and carriers of waters" (to use a phrase about the Irish in relation to their English overlords). Most of these underlings live in our own communities. Without these eyes and ears, hands and feet serving their needs, the elites are struck deaf, blind, impotent, and immobile. And these underling servants don't live in gated communities or otherwise "hardened" quarters. 4) going unarmed and promising to be armed next time is not much of a threat, IMO. Just some thoughts from an old man. . .

  15. "Any Patriot in the room must be ready to take a bloody nose, and reciprocity is in-bounds."

    Well, you already know what my mama taught me.
    Note to self: Bring bail money ;)

    Teresa Sue

    1. Miss V: I hope you are able to make it. I will be using the minor influence the 527 has to arrange for discounts with Amtrak and perhaps SouthWest if possible, plus the hotel, if possible.

      As this comes together I will ask everyone to reach into their email address book and spread the word to their more "mainstream" friends/family so we can get the Tea Party & NRA folks involved.


    2. When the TSA started their traitorous tactics, I swore I would never fly again and I haven't. I think the III Liberty Congress is important enough to eat humble pie. What's that saying about never say never? I'd consider Amtrak too, besides I've come to realize the TSA isn't going to stop at airlines. As far as a hotel, I'll just have to play it by ear. I have a daughter in Stafford, VA I could stay with, if she or her husband don't object to my involvement in the Liberty Congress. My son in law is a career Marine, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
      Teresa Sue


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