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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

American Liberty Congress

Consider 300 or more Patriots in DC with empty holsters and slings
wearing this shirt and demanding Restoration...

American Liberty Congress.

That is what I am calling the event for November 2 & 3.

Zoomie is currently applying his out-freakin-standing skills to a few graphics for the event.  If you have not purchased a few of his works from his Zazzle page, please consider it.

The American Liberty Congress is an America 527 event.  I will reach out to Tea Party groups and Militia groups in an attempt to have as many Liberty-oriented folks as possible in the mix.  Given the disgustingly cowardly way TL was treated by Tea Party "Officialdom" I am going to try to find a way to avoid the "Tea Party Leaders" and reach out to the deflated and dejected real Tea Party Americans who feel they have lost their voice.  My experience with Militia Leaders in recent time is limited to Sandman and his Ohio contingent, and I am confident that his ranks are filled with serious Patriots who mean to be free.

To you folks who have already committed to attending and those who have already offered your moral support, thank you.  I invite you all, but I understand if you take the decision to keep your distance.

I am very close to settling on this for our official event "Motto" (there is probably a better word than motto, but my mind is racing too fast to find it right now): This is the last time I will attend unarmed...

I think that single sentence speaks to a great many of us.

Many of you know that I consider myself to be a Warrior. I have trained in the martial.  I have trained in the martial philosophies as well.  Warriors protect their Tribe.  I have imposed a Warrior's set of standards upon myself for my entire life.  In ancient Japan when two armies lined up against one another a single Warrior would step forward, announce his name and give a proud recitation of his skills and the teachers under whom he had studied.

When he was done a single Warrior from the enemy Clan would step forward if he thought himself to be an equal, and he would give his name and also recite his skills and teachers.

Then the two men would enter mortal combat while everyone else watched.

That is what I am doing in November.  I intend to announce my name and my intent.  I intend to offer a recitation of our long train of abuses as our Founders did in the Declaration of Independence.  I intend to honorably warn the Enemies of Liberty that I am done abiding unconstitutional laws, and that I shall not tolerate further infringements.  I intend to demand that the Enemies of Liberty cease and desist.

I am not stupid.  I know where this will lead, eventually.

Liberty or Death.

Memento Mori.

TL will understand this statement: This will be my Stage Four moment.

If there are any Life Insurance Agents in our III, let me know.  I need to ensure Mrs. Kerodin is protected.  I am not joking.

I have no intention of initiating violence on November 3, or after.

I have no intention of enduring further infringements of my Liberty, either.

That will lead where it leads.  They may kill me.  They may arrest me.

They will never witness me bend knee.

I am an American.  Liberty is my Birthright.

I will be free and at Liberty for the remainder of my life, or the Enemies of Liberty will end me.

So be it.



  1. Given the disgustingly cowardly way TL was treated by Tea Party "Officialdom"

    I missed this.....?

    1. When TL was organizing the Guardians event in DC the Tea Party "Leaders" were terrible to him. From what I remember they not only failed to cooperate, but I dare say they actively worked to discretly throw roadblocks in his way. They jerked him around, promising a lot and delivering nothing.

      If I remember correctly, these were the folks who co-opted the real Tea Party and were close to Glenn Beck. It was shameful.


  2. they actively worked to discreetly throw roadblocks in his way.

    CISPA Passes The House With Tea Party Support
    were close to Glenn Beck.

    I followed him and read one of his books until I found out his stance on the Tyrant Lincoln which proves he is disingenuous, as he knows full well what he was all about, but takes the PC way out. Screw him.

  3. They will never witness me bend knee! Amen!!


  4. I have commented in the past about the phantom TEA party. It was co-opted from the beginning by neocons and Republican Party members wanting the TEA Party folks to mirror the Republican image.

    My experience with TEA Party folks near and far only has to use the Michelle Bachmann endorsement example. Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Partiers claimed that Bachmann was one of them. Yet these same Taxed Enough Already (TEA) people would embrace Bachmann, a former Internal Revenue Service lawyer and a career politician was supposed to be a reflection of TEA Party values. Yeah. Right. Just like anti-gunner Romney is now being painted as the NRAs "conservative", 2A solution to the illegal Kenyan-Indonesian soetoro-obama. Its all bullshit. Bachmann is a scoundrel. Romney is a scoundrel. And concern for an entity known as the TEA Party is a waste of good energy and precious time. The TEA Party doesn't exist. Never did. It was and is a facade, a distraction.

    I have little use for party affiliations whether Dem, Pub, Green, Commie, or whatever one wants to align themselves with. Concentrate on freedom and liberty and not the manipulations of those running organized and unorganized political parties.

    Gentleman, discard concerns for TEA Party folks the same as you would a wad of used toilet paper. We have much bigger fish to fry ratber than wasting band width on hypocrites and non-entities.



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