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Friday, April 6, 2012

Impact is Imminent

We have arrived at the fail-safe point of the American republic. If we do not roll back government now, we will end up having to do it the way they are doing it in Italy, Spain and Greece, accompanied by riots in the streets.

Read those words and understand they come from one of the sharpest political minds since Jefferson. They come from a man who has been a serious player in several White House Administrations. They come from, in my opinion, the one man who could have set America on a proper course had he been elected when we had the chance.

Brace for impact.

Here's the entire article.


And here is what the Bad People have in the works...

If you are thinking of wasting extremely scarce FreeFor assets & energy trying to wade into the 99% events this year to win a few hearts and minds...well, you'd have better luck dousing a forest fire with a single snowflake.

But, good luck to you.

Personally, the only value I see for any III efforts involving 99% events: Low-risk tactical training.


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