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Friday, April 6, 2012

Zoomie's Graphic lead me to this thought...

Memento Mori - Remember you must die...

That has been my guiding principle in life since I was a very young man stepping on the dojo mat for the first time.

Bill Nye expressed the concept quite a while ago in a way that still sticks with me, because he gets it. He counted how many more gardens he likely had remaining...

I have posted a few times on the memento mori premise, many folks find facing their own mortality a bit too gloomy. But folks, with what is coming at us, you'd better find a way to square that discomfort away. It is probably easiest for the parents among us. Do what you must for your children, so that when you must leave them in this world, you have made it as safe as possible for them.

There is a Big Die Off coming hard for humanity.

See all those folks at the 99% rallies? 99% of them are walking dead men, right now. They simply have no clue it is coming. I can lump in a very large part of the "NRA Right" to that group of walking dead men, too.

The economy will implode. Angry people will become hungry and then diseased. This will hit the Western World the hardest (the Third World already lives that life every day, they may not even notice).

You have finite resources. No matter how well prepped you are, you simply will not be able to save all of your friends and family who have failed to prepare.

You will have to be hard.

You will have to close the door in their face.

Every meal you give that person is one fewer for your child.

Are you ready to draw steel on your brother or sister to save your son?

Hard f'n days are ahead, folks.

You are going to have to be one hardcore S.O.B. to bring your family through it - and even then it won't always be enough. You will lose some, and in many cases they will lose you.

Don't waste your time on those who are already dead.

Think about it.



  1. How true Sam.

    Until the good Lord calls me home to a much better place, I will provide for my wife & kids.

    Everyone else can bring their own lunch.

  2. Yes, just today two Southern Patriots died. One a friend of mine and a fighter, at 56. We just never know.

  3. Have thought about this long and and hard for a very long time - I believe 'its' coming and very fast at this point. In some (maybe sick) way, I for one would like 'it' to get here sooner than later - at least clean out most of the trash and start again.


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