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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ironwill III: False Flag coming to Chicago?

Ironwill has a piece about Chicago that makes one consider the dots and how to connect them.

Many folks assume there will be "An Event" that the Enemies of Liberty will use as a predicate for bringing down the hammer as some sort of October Surprise for the election cycle.  We know that at least one private Condo building will be locking their doors during the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago.  Now Government is putting area shelters on alert in case Chicago must be evacuated.

Given that most of the political dirty tricks during this administration have come from Chicago, and this is the President's home turf, it is safe to assume that the infrastructure exists under Mayor Rahm to host "An Event" of dubious origin.

Here's the link.

Think about it.


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  1. Possibly related:

    The US and Russians will be holding a drill on US soil to simulate the seizing of CIA and NSA facilities and the Denver Airport by an "unspecified" enemy. The Russians will be equipped with US weapons and playing the "unspecified" enemy.



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