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Thursday, April 26, 2012

III Gear Update

OK folks, we'll be dropping the final batch of pending orders in the mail tomorrow.

This batch includes all orders placed through 7pm tonight.  If you have not rec'd your Gear by Wednesday, let me know.  Most items ship USPS Priority.

Not included: Hoodies, Cold Steel, III Stickers & Shoulder patches.

The III stickers arrived - and they printed on plain paper instead of the nice vinyl used for our Zoomie stickers.  So, the shipment went back and they'll be printing a new batch on the proper stock.

Cold Steel is taking their time getting the first shipment to us.  They sell a LOT of knives, and several items were backordered.  As soon as the order arrives in my shop they'll go to be branded, then shipped to you.  I'm told it only takes about 10 minutes to brand each blade.

Shoulder patches should be in my shop early next week.

Hoodies: I still need another 6 or so so we can hit our minimum.  As soon as we get the numbers, we'll place the order and get them to you.


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  1. I don't know about others but I can add one more hoodie order in chunky love size. C'mon guys is it really that hard to come up with $10.00 per month to support those incredibly insane idiots that choose to represent us? Congress critters Feds and g-man all have the full power of the government behind them and we piss and moan about the cost of 10 stickers or a Hoodie you will never be able to buy in any store. I know money is tight and you are trying (at least I hope) to get ready. Perhaps you have big money to prepare most of us don't and you better start seperating the sheep from the goats. Can you tell me that there are not at least 40-50 patriots that can afford to buy a friking hoodie with a little logo for $40.00 bucks and under? In a country of over 330 million? Hell that's snacks and beer money! 2 delivered pizzas. C'mon guys I know you care and you want to get the word out. It beats the hell out of the Buy Coke or free advertising Nike gets. I'm on a fixed income and I will get two hoodies of the IIIper logo and I want folks to ask about it! I ain't asking you to to run into the breach, nor be a martyr. But could you not find at least about $100.00 to dedicate to the patriot movement this year? That's less than $10.00 per month or a couple of coffees or drive through orders. About 4 for the year.
    Will K make a difference I don't know but I do know doing nothing will not make a difference.
    You can make a difference but you must pick your fights.


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