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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I won't be online much this weekend.  There is a bit of Patriot work to be done.

You folks know my position on secret squirrel stuff.  Secret Squirreling & Reindeer Games are not my thing.  I intend to visit long enough to meet the Patriots in attendance, and then take my leave so folks can do what they are going to do.

I do expect to get a sense of where people stand, of mood and goals that are meant for the public realm.

What I would ask of Patriots this weekend: Support the 527 by making a donation for either a Minuteman Patch or one of our new Shoulder Patches from IIIGear.com.  I just received the table reservation paperwork for the Indy 1500 show and I'd like to get a cash infusion for our Gun Show Tour.

If you are making it to Mercer, I look forward to meeting you.

If you are going to the NC PatCom, be safe and advance the cause of Liberty with your fellow Patriots.

I hope we are all in the mode of working every day to plan and prepare for what is coming.

I have a post in my head that will go up before I hit the road, either tonight or tomorrow.

Stay safe, folks.



  1. I had mentioned the Fayetteville Gun Show a while back. I went to the one Easter weekend which usually isnt that busy. I don't know if it is people starting to realize the way the country is going or what but even though it was Easter weekend there was probably over 200 vendors and the place was packed. A lot of the aisles were hard to walk down due to the number of people.

  2. could i get my name off the patcom list please? dead as yesterdays news.
    Liberty Valance
    1 of the last free men.


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