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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Skinheads and Black Panthers = Targets of Opportunity

War Hustlers at work.

Update: The Feds are already using the opportunity in Tulsa (where white killed black)...just guess where this one is going, folks.

From Kenny: Black idiots are beating white people down.

From Brock: White idiots are killing black people.

Skinheads "patrol" Sanford, Florida, as the town goes on high alert for their Zimmerman decision.

Patriots: You are living in the days before a major war. There will soon come a moment when you can no longer have the luxury of signing online and scanning WRSA or flipping to Fox News, because the world will be convulsing.

When it is over, will you remember how these people started it all?

Make sure they are all in ditches, and then teach the children as best you can to avoid the same mistakes.

The details may be lost. Whatever actually triggers the war will simply provide cover for some people who are filled with irrational hatred to lash out. Make no mistake, the idiot skinheads will use an economic implosion to kill black folk, and many such groups, from across racial, ethnic and religious lines, will take advantage of circumstances for their own ends.

Patriots should be prepared to take advantage of targets of opportunity when they present.



  1. Hopefully the racists of all sides will kill each other off and save decent folk the trouble.

  2. And doesn't that group of "stalwarts" in the photo look like the ring of scum around the gene pool?

  3. These idiots don't even have a clue how close they are to the hope and change.

    Herr Obama. National Socialist.


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