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Sunday, May 13, 2012

140,000+ Gunners we can meet...

We have many orders ready to ship tomorrow and Tuesday, folks. I expect our first Cold Steel order to be in my shop tomorrow, then I'll get them to the engraver for Branding.

Most of you know that I prefer to run concepts by readers before launching a project, especially when it comes to spending 527 money. You'll remember about 2 months ago we fleshed out the Gun Show concept and decided to proceed. Since we've decided to host the Liberty Congress, Holly and I moved the Gun Show schedule up into the summer.

And when we decided to proceed with the Gun Show concept I asked folks to donate so we could invest in our first orders from Cold Steel, KA-BAR, Condor, and III branded gear, et cetera, the stuff we'll need to start professionally hosting booths and spreading the Brand. You folks came through and we raised enough money to give us a strong start at our first few Gun Shows.

I am going to reach out again to the folks who come to this site every day and have not yet donated, bought a patch, et cetera. I know times are tough, so if you can't swing it, you can't swing it. I do not measure one's Patriotism by donations.

I want to run an ad in American Handgunner magazine for the III. We can hit several important points in a single ad: How to find our blogs, announce the Liberty Congress in November, announce that shooters should look for our booth at their local shows, et cetera.

American Handgunner is the most professional gun mag out there, in my very biased opinion. (G&A is the undisputed King of circulation) We can reach about 140,000 readers with a single ad, and of course many of those folks should be our natural allies. A full page runs just over $5k.

If every person who comes to this site every day (those of you who have never donated or bought a patch) were to kick in $10 we could cover a full page ad overnight. So, folks, please consider going to IIIGear and helping by buying a patch, or any other gear (remember our first KA-BAR order gets placed tomorrow morning) or hit the Donate button on the top right of this page so we can reach directly into the heart of the shooting public and let them know we exist and how to find us.

Thanks for considering it.


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