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Sunday, May 13, 2012

New York: Stop & Frisk

I've covered this topic before. New numbers are out for New York, and given our upcoming Liberty Congress I think a review is in order.

For folks who don't know, most major cities have authorized (supported by the Courts) LEO may stop a Citizen, question the Citizen as to his name, why he is walking where he is walking, where is he going, and for the safety of the Officer the Citizen may be frisked.

You and I know this is nothing more than conditioning the populace.

LEO is supposed to have some sort of indication that the person being stopped is currently involved in some criminal act, or headed for one, or coming from one. The legal standard varies among jurisdictions, but most judges will agree that LEO must have "...more than just a hunch..." that a Citizen is misbehaving in order to justify a Stop & Frisk event.

New York City is on track to break it's own record this year, with a projected 730,000 Stop & Frisks. That works out to about 2200 times each and every day New York LEO violates the Constitution. It also works out that about 9% of the residents of New York City will be Stopped and Frisked in violation of 4A.

The logical question is: How many Stop & Frsks turn into something?


That means that 95% of the Citizen's who are stopped by armed agents of the State were doing nothing wrong. It means that NYPD's skills at spotting suspicious behavior is pathetic, because they are wrong 95% of the time.

Two things: First, we go back to a post I did earlier. We need to get the public back to a place where they understand that if something is unconstitutional, end of discussion. Full Stop.

The second point is the most obvious: LEO is stopping people purely to harass and intimidate the Citizenry, to condition them for what will be demanded in the near future. The imminent escalation of 4A violations in America would astonish even Mischa Wolfe.

Stop & Frisks will obviously be included in our long train of abuses that we present to our Government officials.

How does our Cause of Action, our "...or else..." clause in our declaration fit into this topic? Will you tolerate being stopped and frisked after November 3rd? Are you sufficiently advanced in your disgust of those who mean to be our Masters that you will defend your 4A Rights on the spot, to the death? If you are forced to defend and you win, are you willing to wait around and be judged by your peers? And what if a III Patriot is not singled out on the Metro platform, but the woman next to him is, and the LEO's surround her with their riot gear and automatic weapons and impose their will upon her? Are you at that point in your life that you will defend her on principle?

This is brain food, folks. Commenting too much would be imprudent. But I will say it: Until these bullies understand that they can get a bloody nose, and until they understand that some Patriotic fellow may come at him from an oblique angle while he is Stopping and Frisking another Citizen, and that LEO may not make it home that night, until the bullies understand that there are consequences for violating the Natural Rights of some Americans, they will not stop.

Are you ready to draw that line in the sand on November 3rd when we hand over our declaration, and defend it? Are you ready to be that hard?

These are questions you must settle in your mind.

I know where I stand.

I am going to Washington and handing them a scroll that demands they cease and desist injuring the Constitution and the Rights of Citizens.

And then I am going home to live the remainder of my life in Jefferson's state of Rightful Liberty. And I will not tolerate or ignore any of my Countrymen who may be suffering unconstitutional injuries in my presence.

I will not go hunting for monsters to slay. Yes, I know what my position will entail.

Liberty has never been free.

Memento mori...

Here's the link to the story.


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