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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

American Liberty Congress: Logo

What do you think, folks?

Zoomie whipped this up.

He also created another without text, I'll post it later.

My thoughts: We use this version with a description of the event, goals, dates, et cetera on the back of this card and have it printed as free handouts to gun shops, Tea Parties, Friends & Foes.




  1. Looks nice.

    Side note: The oval text looks like a human eye to me. Like the one on the back of your dollar bill.

  2. Very nice. Clean message. Good visual. Extra info on back to avoid confusion. To me it's all there...


  3. That is nice.
    ZMan outdid himself on that one.
    Miss Violet

  4. I like the addition of the Capitol.

    Very nice ... except "This is the last time" in the arc above and below III looks too much like the CBS logo.

    Yeah, petty and minor ... but you asked.


  5. I'd have the top of the capitol opened up and a plunger or toilet brush and Sani-Flush...or the rifle pointed down into it....but that's just me.
    Maybe gasoline pouring into it and a Zippo(tm) in the other hand?
    A small tactical nuke with a burning fuse or finger on the 'trigger'?.
    Grenade with a pulled pin and the spoon just starting to come off?

    I don't think it's strong enough of a message, but I've been told I hold back too much as it is.

  6. Kerodin,

    I'm going to say this plainly.
    The "this is the last time I come unarmed" statement is completely stupid. If you're trying to incite gov agency live fire on all supporters of liberty (pacifists and patriots alike), that is just the ticket. The system is in the beginning stages of collapsing under it's own weight anyway. Stand back and let it fall! Protect your community from the flying debris of course. Let's be part of the conversation to building the new system, and keep vigilance and pressure on so that it doesn't turn into a massacre during the transition.

    Using threatening language to a powerful regime, on it's way to being only relevant in history books, will likely result in you and others being squashed like little bugs to no benefit of anyone!

    Have a liberty congress if you want, it's your area, but don't stir up the hornets nest on the eve of a hard freeze in autumn. Nothing good can come of it.


  7. Well, Bill: You really think FedGov is going to open fire on a group of unarmed Patriots on the steps of the Capitol who are delivering a parchment? That is not going to happen. Incite a Government Agency to open live fire? How? There is more leather in my sneakers than an empty holster.

    Part of building the new system? How does that happen when not one person in the discussions knows who you are or cares what you want? See, they'll know OWS, they'll know SEIU, they'll know CPUSA and all the other groups who will be invited to help "build the new system". But Constitutionalists are not even a blip on the radar and do not have a seat at any table today.

    I like the old system, the one we were promised in the original paperwork. Standing back and letting others determine my future isn't how I live my life.

    I will be there. Looking at the polls to the right, the sentiment is running about 17:1 against your passive position.

    Feel free to stay at home.

    Crouching down, licking hands, you know the quote.


    1. Mr. K,

      Do I believe the Feds will open fire on unarmed Americans ? Hell YES ! Have you forgotten Kent State (NG troops are Fed troops. Reserve component of the Total Army) ? Have you forgotten the murder of Randy Weaver's wife and son at Ruby Ridge by a US .gov marksman ?

      NEVER assume much of anything. We have an illegal in the West Wing who has thumbed his nose at the Rule of Law. The feds will plant weapons and their minions in the media will make us out to be racist insurrectionists.

      I plan on being there but I'm surprised by your naivete on the soetoro-obama .gov which has brought forth a coup on our constitutional Republic.

      DAN III

  8. Kerodin,

    Lovely post.

    How would such actions incite live fire?:

    Simple, Escalation. Escalation against a party desperately looking for another "enemy" to keep the populace terrified. Many wars in history have been created as a distraction for the populace over history, not including our own, there's the Falkland Islands war that Argentina kicked off, and hundreds of others. If you paint the liberty community as a convenient enemy, you've done the work for them, and given them all the excuse, then god help you and us.

    Part of building the new system:

    We are witnessing the failure of European style and Japanese socialism. Everyone in the US will have a ringside seat to watch the festivities. The liberty focused groups are growing, Ron Paul's supporters have increased exponentially, and have taken over many LOCAL government parties, and are going after LOCAL government offices. The SEIU, is a failed model, and has no credibility to LOCAL people unless you live in the inner-city. OWS is painted with a broad brush, but many are advocates for liberty, others are stupid angry kids, some will figure it out, others not, but the trend is clear, the RP movement is getting powerful.

    The system:

    I like the old system too, but that's not the current system. The existing structure is being forced by the laws of nature into a state of collapse, the transition. If you understand laws of complex systems, the next stable end-state will be more locally focused smaller scale, decentralized... sound familiar? Net, the laws of nature are forcing the system to a more stable natural state, such as one outlined in the constitution. It's our job to make sure that's how it ends up, and to prevent any outlier disaster scenario, not to commit suicide.

    I've spent half my career in the military as an NCO and a commissioned officer, and have spent my time downrange. I take my oath seriously. I also have studied history, and have a proven track record of strategy and tactics. I've seen countless kids excited to get in action, then after several years have them blow their brains out, or worse the maimed and damaged shells of souls that come out of armed conflict. It's not something to be taken lightly, nor entered into casually.

    Crouching, Licking... Huh. I've done my time, and have full confidence in my courage and capability. Words like that usually come out of individuals that have no experience of war, the keyboard commandos. The bravest men I've ever served with (SF, Delta, PJs, Force Recon, etc.) usually share a common trait, humility, and respectfulness. They're also the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

    I make it a rule to not follow people over cliffs. I encourage some deep thinking and thoughtfulness, that's all.


  9. Bill, you and I simply have a different assessment of facts on the ground. You are not witnessing the "failure" of Socialism, you are witnessing the transition into the next phase to Police State Tyranny, enforced by the existing power structure and the FSA. The next step will be the elimination of anyone who would buck the system.

    Interesting how you choose to make me the guy responsible for the coming bloodbath. I'm the one making it all possible? I'm the bad guy? But for me going to Capitol Hill, everything will be sweetness and light, huh?

    You take your oath seriously? Is that your Oath to the Constitution, or to something else? Because frankly, Bill, your actions to the Oath to the Constitution don't seem to be keeping it healthy and thriving.

    Feel free to get into the gratuitous assertions of keyboard commandoes. Powerful arguments there. Gee, I think I'll change my entire outlook on life, now. Thank you!

    You are just one more guy who likes to nuance and find complexity deep historical reverence in all matters, when the truth is simple and right out there for everyone to see: Marxists versus people who mean to be free and at Liberty, who will be having a fight, and my guys intend to win, or at least die on our feet.

    But you'll just call us blood-thirsty fools.

    So be it. We know better.


  10. I'd have to agree K, I save the nuance & complexity shit for the people who can't handle the truth...fuck that, this ain't the time or the place for it... I think millerized is on to something with the plunger & the top of the Capitol Building opened up or a honey truck sucking out the shit...whatever, it is good as it is too, Zoomie has a good eye.

  11. Kerodin,

    Transition to Police State Tyranny:

    I could write a tome on this subject. However, while rights are eroding, and the government attempts to implement tyrannical measures, they have become increasingly ineffective and paralyzed by bureaucracy. Listen to all the former CIA people who have been outspoken on the agency Michael Scheuer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Scheuer

    and Robert Steele:

    and Gary Berntsen who wrote a scathing critique of the CIA in Jawbreaker:

    The fact of the matter is, the US government tyrannical capability is a far cry from the efficient Nazis, or even the Soviets during the 40s. All this in the face of a very near fiscal cliff an order of magnitude greater than the one that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. The problem is the US gov, as well as many others in the West, and Japan in the East more closely resemble the Soviet Union, or East Germany in the late 1980s than efficient young and efficient tyrannical regimes. If you ever were in East Germany during that time, you would have seen how desperately the regime was attempting to hold onto power as control relentlessly slipped through their fingers. I think it's fair to expect based on numerous historical precedent that post crisis USA will look far more like post soviet Russia and satellite states, than Berlin under Nazi, or newly Russian control. The Soviets after the collapse suffered greatly, the military hardware was auctioned off by post commanders to anyone with cash, or left to rust. Sailors and Soldiers starved because their paychecks didn't arrive, or were so insignificant as to not buy anything. Looters dismantled everything of value, hollowing out infrastructure and defense capability. They couldn't even keep their fighter aircraft maintained; they were flying deathtraps. Polyarny a powerful center for the naval fleet was stuffed with aged rusted submarines, and ships. I think a couple subs are still at the bottom of the bay.

    In the periphery, it was lawlessness, then over time, power moved locally, and in Russia, to the political prince class, and those savvy enough to take control of productive assets soon after the collapse. Without the yoke of soviet control some regions became inflamed in ancient civil wars (Bosnia), and others were created (Chechnya). Some satellites became independent and prosperous (Czech Republic).

    A collapse is an interesting phenomena, a mudslide before it initiates is dirt and mud - a solid, but during the transition phase it's fluid for a time before reaching a new stable solid state at the bottom of the mountain. When it's fluid, one can shape it and, direct it. That's what we should seek to do.

    I'm not seeking to make you responsible for anything. I just don't want the liberty community to be made a target of a failing power while it still has a fair amount of capability left. So don't be that catalyst.

    My oath: Well, I've lived up to mine, and continue to try to save my country, but I am one man, and it takes a lot of buckets of water to fill the ocean.

    Militaries around the world since ancient times have educated soldiers and their officers on history, strategy, tactics, psychology and rise and fall of civilizations for very good reason: IT FUCKING WORKS. History provides a great example of what worked and what didn't and why.

    Marxists vs Liberty:

    You have your sides wrong, it's more correctly stated, those who think they can engineer the world vs reality and those who want liberty and freedom, though it's not as convenient to say or type. It's Hayek's old argument from "The Road to Serfdom" and "Constitution of Liberty", but there aren't any pictures.

    1. Bill,

      None of us are perfect but I concur with Mr. K on this one. The tyranny is here. I have witnessed .gov's nose-thumbing at the Rule of Law. I have been the recipient of federal judges ruling against citizen juries decisions; activist judges who flip the bird at the Constitution.

      I spent 25 years of my life having to deal with the mentality of commissioned officers. I'm not impressed with you having been an officer. Big deal. I had an appointment, from the ranks, to West Point. Turned it down.

      The facts are that we both took an oath to defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic. It is time for Patriots to start working against this tyranny many refer to as government.

      Perhaps you overlooked the name of this blog ? III Percent Patriots ! We are few. Are you one of us or just another in the multitudes of American sheeple ? I fear you may be the latter.

      DAN III

    2. I don't disagree that tyranny is here. I'm with you. I'm also not trying to blow my horn that I was an officer, just to demonstrate that I've done my time, have the scars to prove it, and I know a thing or two about strategy and tactics.

      With the objective being to return the country, or more specifically my local area back to a constitutional liberty focused government, it's a matter of how to get there. I'm advocating letting the forces of nature work for us. There's no sense in making this harder than it needs to be. That's all.

      I have studied this financial crisis extensively, and examined dozens of other countries in the situation we are in now. My position is the result of thousands of hours of research just of my own. The US currency and centrally planned economy is going down, that will consequentially result in failure of government at the national, centrally planned level (IMF, EU, DC), and will necessitate that local governments and communities take over. That's the trend, the direction of the natural forces, and it works in our favor. There's no sense in pissing off currently powerful people that won't even be relevant in a few years.

      Remember how Washington DC was preserved from total destruction by the British because a tornado destroyed the British forces: http://www.afweather.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123042444

      Don't fight the forces of nature. Take your time and use those forces to your advantage. Just because governments have become tyrannical doesn't mean you are in a strategic position to do anything about it, especially by forcing a point and self selecting yourself as a target.

  12. Kerodin:

    Please understand that your idea may become a psyops nightmare. No disrepsct, but any MSM attention will not be becoming to the movement. We will once again be painted as racists that hate Obama, Welfare Moms, America, Apple Pie etc etc and so forth.

    You stated, "you are witnessing the transition into the next phase to Police State Tyranny, enforced by the existing power structure and the FSA. The next step will be the elimination of anyone who would buck the system." But please explain to me how your November operation does anything to stop this. Seems all it does is lower the number of Patriots. I have not even mentioned the fact that the festivities are going to kick off before then. A rattlesnake usually only strikes when in direct threat.

    I have no qualms with your mission but there is quite possibly a heavy downside.

    And I'd say that your treatment of Bill's concerns were unbecoming. It's cool but I shall just mosey on. You do the fuck what you think you have to do and I will do the same, as all freemen must do.


    1. Pickdog: Bill opened his attack (it was not dialogue) by telling me how stupid I was, so I gave him as gratuitously as I received. When people come at me like an ass, I have no problem giving it back.

      To your point about a potential PsyOps nightmare: Name one aspect of the entire Patriot Movement that will NOT be cast as a nightmare by MSM. They are not our friends, never will be our friends, and will never paint anything in a positive light on our behalf.

      The Liberty Congress is not trying to stop anything. I have no illusions. I am on a death list, as are you, as are we all who believe in Liberty.

      They intend to have us bend knee, keep paying, or die.

      I am simply standing up and letting them know it isn't going to be free.


    2. Understood.


    3. Kerodin,

      I did not make a personal attack against you. I said the phrase "This is the last time we come unarmed" was stupid and provocative.

      I've found through experience that being brutally honest with people in constructively criticizing of IDEAS (not people) usually is very appreciated.


  13. Bill:

    Your taking the position that "I'm going to say this plainly. The "this is the last time I come unarmed" statement is completely stupid." is not personal?

    OK, then I am taking the position that: Feel free to stay at home. Crouching down, licking hands, you know the quote. is equally non-personal, and lives only in the realm of the debate of ideas.

    Bill, you state that everything about this concept, right down to my premise of "Marxism v. Liberty" is wrong. Please don't waste any more time on me.


  14. We're ALL on the Red List, whether we stay home or go and show ourselves. They already know who we are, to a man. So be it. If I am to die for the cause of Liberty, I pray that I last until I am out of ammo, and that I take a substantial number of the enemy with me.

    I concur that it is coming soon - driving down I-95 this weekend (7/14), I saw over a dozen Stryker vehicles, guns mounted, standing overwatch on the highway in Virginia...six were positioned in echelon on the grass at a Weigh-station, several in the median about 10 miles further south, and one on the exit ramp where we stopped to get gas. They all had their .50s racked and pointed at the road. This is totally unprecedented.
    (When I was active, we were always required to stow our guns before leaving post...no armaments visible on public roadways, EVER.)

    This is but the latest case where the military is being deployed on US soil as a precursory PSYOP - they are de-sensitizing the public to the sight of widespread military force, big time.

    We have been warned...

    ~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!


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