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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

III: Friday Intel Dump - on Tuesday

The picture above is the new III Patch on the sleeve of the Condor zippered fleece you saw me wearing at TL's event. They are in and will ship this weekend. You can get yours at IIIGear.com.

Folks, on the best day I have too many plates in the air and I miss details.

Since announcing the Liberty Congress, and with your overwhelming support, I can honestly say I am now behind the curve.

First, thank you all. Bill Nye, my apologies for being short with you in email. You and I have spoken of Leadership in the past, and how the III must be local and Leaderless, and I am overly-sensitive to being called a Leader. Sorry I gave you grief.

Folks, on that note: Please understand I do not want to be a Leader. At most, I'm just a guy on point. Consider me the first guy to catch a bullet, but please do not count on me for movement - each and every single one of you is a Leader. Each and every one of you will be the one looked to by friends and family when SHTF.

I am here, I'll stay on point, but I need you to agree to walk with me, folks. Deal? We are the III, we are all on the Green. We are all equals.

As of this moment, I will be at the Dale City Virginia VFW Gun Show and I hope t meet some of you local folks. I am waiting on table;e reservation confirmation for May 16 in Richmond, a bigger show. I hope you local folks will come by and meet me and Mrs. Kerodin. I am working with the promoters to permit your III Patch to cover your entry fee. No promises yet, but that's what I am working on now.

At this moment I will have our basic III Gear on the table, and I will be signing up new III Members from the throngs of folks walking the aisles: NRA types, hunters, et cetera. In addition I have a small selection of Cold Steel Gear, Condor Gear, a display for a Go Bag (not selling Go Bag gear, but I AM offing the Go Bags) and I'll be offering tickets to our Liberty Congress. I really want to spread the word about that gig.

I could use a bit of help here: I really want to add KA BAR to our table, but the 527 doesn't have the $500 cash needed for our first order. Take a look at the KA-BAR catalog and if you see anything you want, let me know and I'll give you our discounted price. If I can get to $500 I can place the order with a few extras for the table.

Remember, all knives (Cold Steel & KA BAR) will be laser-etched with III for you.

New stickers are in - I'll be sending them out this weekend. If you rec'd the Avery stickers I send out during the first orders and didn't like them, let me know and I'll send you some of the new ones free (I hated the Avery stickers).

Also, the III Skull/crossbones patches arrived today - they'll be going out his weekend.

Sorry for so many different topics in one post.

Miss Violet: Poster gig is progressing slowly. I still haven't settled onm the perfect photographer.

Bill Nye: Sorry dude, my attitude was tense, and you didn't deserve it.



  1. K, I'm interested in this:

    "Full-size Black KA-BAR, Straight Edge

    Item(s): 1211, 1213
    $93.31 - $101.81
    5 Reviews
    A practical, all-purpose utility knife featuring ergonomically designed slip resistant handle. Serves every task perfectly."

    Let me know a price. Thanks.
    Miss Violet

    1. I see the KBar page is up, I'll go there, thanks K
      Miss V

  2. Mr. K,

    I saw your Condor at Mercer. Didn't look like the fleece model. Thought it was the shell jacket version. Anyhow looked like a good garment. BTW....received patches today in USPS mail. Thank you sir.



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