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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TL Davis: Will the Liberty Congress come too late?

TL explores the very real possibility that Implosion of some sort may come before we make it to November 2 & 3 for the American Liberty Congress.

Of course he is right.

None of us can know what is in the hearts and plans of the Enemies of Liberty. Do they plan to pull the trigger before then? Do they plan to surprise us on the 6th? Do they simply plan to declare on the 7th that the election results do not matter?


I am proceeding on the assumption that the world will keep spinningon and through the election day. I do expect targeted violence before then. In GJJ we called it "softening up the enemy" with a few head shots and body shots.

And if we find absolute conflagration makes the Congress moot, so be it, we'll have our hands filled elsewhere.

If not, I will be on the Hill, futzing up their political talking points 3 days before the election.

There are a thousand different "...if..." scenarios that can play out between now and then.

Be flexible. Do what you have to do.

If the world is still spinning and needs me to add a monkeywrench, I'll be on the Hill, wrench in hand.

Here's TL's link.



  1. I did not mean that as contradictory, I will be there if it is and I am.

    1. TL: I took it as realistic, my friend. None of us can know what these bastards have in store for us.

      Stay safe.


  2. Thanks and check your email please.

  3. Mr. K,

    PLEASE check your e-mail. I sent you an article with information provided by a DHS insider. It is imperative we start/continue PT, marksmanship, and tribe building. PLEASE review the information I sent you. Your opinion will be much appreciated.



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