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Thursday, May 3, 2012

American Liberty Congress

About a year ago I floated the concept of a conference that included bloggers from arond the Liberty Movement.

I extended Mike Vanderboegh the opportunity to represent the III, and he declined. He was so venomous regarding the concept I chose to keep the efent away from Mike's scope of influence so he would not poison the well.

American Liberty Congress is being put together along the same general paradigm.

I intend to invite a serious member of the "Mainstream" Liberty community, such as Balko, Buchanan, Napolitanto, Keyes, et cetera, all of whom expressed a willingness to engage in the original endeavor. Personally, I lean toward Pat Buchanan. One of my treasured mementos is a hand-written note sent to me from Mr. Buchanan regarding my first book Our Father's weep.

I invite you all to weigh in on this thread and let me know who you think is a suitable speaker at our Novermber gig before we deliver our hand-written demand to Congress.

Remember any speaker we bring into the event has the ability to open doors of politicians.

Let me know your thoughts, Patriots.




  1. Buchanan is a good man and a SCV member to boot. I think Napolitano is a wonderful speaker, but he's Ron Paul's pick for VP.......!:) If we could ever be so lucky that these two actually got into those positions.

  2. I have an similar respect for Andrew Napolitano and would be proud to have him as a speaker.


  3. Buchanan and/or Napolitano for sure. I think we can get Ted Nugent on board too, if you guys want him. He's been catching hell from the feds lately. watch the glenn beck interview with him. http://youtube/bnwbSN1l3SQ


  4. +1 on both Buchanan & Napolitano.

  5. " I think we can get Ted Nugent on board too, if you guys want him. He's been catching hell from the feds lately."

    Yeah, we can get him to give us advice on what to say to the feds when they come to find out what our intentions are after we all come home from the American Liberty Congress. I certainly want to be "cool" with them.
    Yeah, sorry, my inner cynic is showing.
    Teresa Sue

  6. Regarding Nugent...I love his music and general attitude, but he sniffs holsters and polishes badges too much for my taste.

    But...if the Feds keep fucking with him, I could see him changing his tune.

    I had the same thoughts as P51 a while back..."let's get Nugent involved somehow"...but Ted's boot-licking REALLY turns me off.

  7. One more vote for "The Judge".

  8. The Judge & PB would be good with me. Uncle Ted wouldn't be a bad alt.

  9. I was a fan of Uncle Ted for over 30 years, watching him these last few years has made me realize what a cheap money whore he is. Ted will do anything for enough money, ever seen him selling his own autographed records for several hundred$ a piece? The biggest thing about him today is his ego.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano is the guy to go for, he has truth, integrity and honor going for him. Total class act.

    Semper Fi, 0321

  10. Believe me, I could really give a shit either way about Nugent. Pretty much all i know about Nugent is what i've seen on recent interviews, but my point is, he is vocal about Liberty and he seems to be well respected in the NRA and yes, the LEO community. I know he's not the one to "represent" the III, that is without a doubt PJB or the Judge. But we also need our message to reach as many potential allies as possible. Even the LEO who's "boots Nugent licks" should at least hear our message from us as opposed to reading it in a SPLC or DHS report under a Domestic Terrorist headline. Then they can make their own decision, and either stand with us or against us. (I wonder how Ted's LEO fans feel about his treatment by the Fed?) 75% of the people I meet through work don't know shit about Liberty OR Tyranny. They don't see LEO as the enforcers of a Tyrannical gov't. They're only concerns are going to work and getting home to relax. If they do not hear our message from someone they identify with, they will hear it from a cable news monologue about 300 psychos with empty holsters showing up in DC threatening people. A Congress is a gathering of representatives of different independent groups working toward a similar goal. We have to control the message that reaches these people (NRA types) or they will instantly try to distance themselves from us.


  11. One piece of political gamesmanship we shall employ is old-school: We will have Life Members of NRA and dues-paying members of OathKeepers in our ranks for the cameras.

    The headline will read: NRA joins OathKeepers and other Patriots to march on Congress...

    It is technically accurate, and OK's & NRA spin shops will have to decide after-the0fact if they want to try to distance themselves. If we make a good impression, they'll ride our coat tails...



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