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Thursday, May 3, 2012

III Outdoor Stickers

Finally a bit of good news from our printer regarding the III Logo stickers!

The printer has just shipped the above stickers, and they are individually cut, made of vinyl just like the great stickers Zoomie made for us. These stickers are suitable for outdoor use.

I have shipped many of your orders recently without stickers, because I did not want to include the Avery stickers coming off our PC printers. As soon as these new ones come in I'll send you the new one.

All of you folks who have rec'd the Avery stickers since we started offering them, send me an email and I will send you an equal amount of the new vinyl stickers. Fair is fair, and I am just not pleased with the old Avery stickers.

You'll notice the new stickers have IIIPercent.com branded on the stickers: Feel free to put them anywhere your heart desires. If LEO or government minions get pissed, F* 'em.

We need people who think the way we do to know where to find us.

Bloggers: Look at IIIPercent.com and see if your blog is linked there. If not, send me an email at Kerodin@kerodin.com and I will add you.


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