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Sunday, May 6, 2012

American Liberty Congress

Day One (Friday): We meet in the comfort of a DC Hotel near the mall, review the final copies of the Declarations and we each sign our names.

We share meals and discuss among ourselves the issues that matter to us.

We will review the schedule for Saturday, and we will have a series of speakers from within and without our core group.

We will take suggestions from everyone and modify our schedule as suggested.

We will have a small presser with select members of print and televised media.

Day Two: We will muster in the Hotel and secure our parchments. Some media will be present. At the appropriate time we will leave the hotel and make our way a few blocks to the steps of the Capitol and inside the main doors to the rotunda. There we will find an official member of Congress (or a designated staffer from a Leadership office) to formally accept our parchment.

Media will be present, a brief statement is expected from our Congressional rep, and we will be free to leave. I am told media will pursue us for AAR's.

What's next? I don't think any of us expect one whit of change from established behavior.

We will have done our duty. We will have formally, gentlemanly presented our list of grievances and ultimata.

The next step, Patriot, is for your conscience to guide.



  1. I still don't like the idea of being unarmed. I also don't like the idea of spending the night within the borders of DC because of the same reason. I would much prefer to at least do the Friday thing in VA so I could just get a room at the same hotel (if we do Friday and Saturday both in DC, I'll be commuting in).
    But then there's the part of me that just says "fuck 'em". There is a very large part of my brain pushing me to call for everyone to mass in VA and go into DC armed to deliver this message. What are they going to do? First, they don't think we have the balls for that and second, if the media is there and we have no intentions on starting anything, only defending ourselves, are they going to open fire on citizens that have publicly stated that their only objective is to deliver a piece of paper to congress? Yeah, I know that they really wouldn't hesitate to open fire on us, but I'm tired of empty threats. I remember seeing plenty of "I came unarmed... this time" and "this is the last time I come unarmed" posters at various 9/12, tea party, etc rallies. We need to make this count, it really has to be "the last time" and we need to be willing to enforce our "or else".
    OK, enough grumbling, I have to get going. And when all is said and done, I plan to make it to this event if it is possible for me (November is a long way away).
    See you on the green.

    1. Mark: I see it as a prudent move to have at least one guy in a rearguard position in case the Bad People make a move.

      I don't think they will - but I have a proven record of not being wrong very often, but when I am wrong, it's usually a doosie!

      We can talk more with our our more military savvy folks, but I would think anyone left in the rear for security reasons would be the guy we rely upon to raise hell if things go south (rather than riding to the resuce with guns blazing).

      Any thoughts?


  2. First, I apologize for the delayed response, this week has been crazy busy, haven't had much time to "waste" online.
    Second, having a rear guard is a good idea, but having just a small group outside of DC isn't going to do anything for us except get more of us killed. With today's technology, there is absolutely no reason we can't do a live feed on the internet and have that posting on every III blog out there simultaneously. My cell phone is capable of doing live feeds, it's not that hard. Anyway, we can have several live feeds going the entire time that we are all gathered so that if something happens, or if the feed(s) all go down simultaneously (one or two might be a fluke, all of them is government black-out), those that have stayed at home or were unable to attend can muster and take whatever action they deem appropriate, whether it be trying to come into DC to "rescue" us (not smart, btw) or acknowledging that the war has started and they start taking out their local, predefined targets.
    Rear guard is good, but if "they" decide to detain any of us, don't expect to be freed until the war is over, if we can even be found at that point.


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