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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Will we be the modern III Left to freeze & Starve in Valley Forge & Morristown?

Above is a rough construct of what I have in mind to give Congress. We have a calligrapher among us who will write it for us. We will set our our preamble, our train of abuses, our demands and our ...or else...

Then there will be as much room as needed for all of us to sign our name on the bottom.

Make no mistake, this is not a toothless petition.

300 Patriots who have signed their names and mean to have Liberty left to return home will have Liberty...by any means necessary.

If you are a keyboard commando, if you are not serious, if you do not believe Liberty or Death, this is not for you.

Already on the blogs it has started: Wait, not yet, better to slowly build public support...


I go now. Join me if you wish. If not, that's cool too.

But I am going. I already have confirmation of political professionals on hand. I already have confirmation of national media. I am reaching out to Tea Party, OathKeepers, Militia, III, Republicans, and anyone else who wishes to watch history.

It will either be Athens (TN), the Boston Massacre, or dismissal, and we all go home and go to work.

I, for one, am done with the games, the schemes, the complex strategies to win hearts and minds (which will never win against FSA EBT's), and I refuse to tell my niece and nephews it is up to them. They grow bigger every day. They grow more indoctrinated every day.

Not on my watch.

Only cowards choose that route.

When you find excuses for something as benign as handing a piece of paper to a politician as dangerous - too dangerous - , you have been subjugated, even if you have a rifle in your safe at home.

Face facts.

It is a piece of paper.

Live your lives on your knees. I have no use for you.

Crouch down and lick the hands that feed you. Let our posterity forget ye were our Countrymen.

By any means necessary.

Either you mean it, or you are nothing.

Defend yourself all you want with the failed logic of "picking your moment".

At some point even in your own heart that rings hollow.

Save your pennies.

Wear your best holster.

Join the modern 300 Americans with Souls of Spartans who will walk to the face of evil and declare this is OUR America, and we will take it back by any means necessary. We will beat you to death with your own elbows. We will rid our land of your Communist filth and your infected children.

If that language scares youPatriots ...stay at home (and stop calling youself Patriots). They'll come for you after we are long dead.

If action doesn't fit the agenda of the man with his hand up your ass who is working your mouth, you weren't invited to Freedom anyway. You are just another man who refuses to think for himself. There is a ditch in your future. If you are lucky, you will be thrown into it before your wife and children are used as mattresses for their murderers.

This is no game.

They are coming to kill you all.

Step up and act like an American, or shut up and get out of the way. You do not deserve to be among Patriots.

If you have never bought a sticker, a shirt, or any other item to support the work we are doing for your freedom, if you have never hit the Donate Button, now is the time. $1 if that's all you have. You smoke? Skip a pack and donate that cash. Men and women are about to put themselves in a position to take a bullet for you - and you leave them twisting in the wind? You are worse than loyalists to the King.

Prove that you care about Liberty.

This is only to those who have never stepped up.

Do it, now. Or don't come back.

Too many good people are carrying your weight.

Hit the button, or go away and do not return.

Better men and women than you are doing work you should be doing for yourself.

CA has been doing this for 8 years and more. How he has not walked away mystifies me.

We are giving knives to men with no knives. We are paying tavel money to PatComs for people who need a few extra bucks. We are making tactical gear available at cost. We are printing material for Liberty. We are daring Enemies of Liberty to get in our grilles.

And what are you doing?

You are either doing nothing, or you are hiding behind straw men as justification for doing nothing.

Stand up and be counted. Or you are the problem.

Don't get me wrong - I know those of you who are doing something. I see you.

It's the rest that I have a problem with. It is Sunday. God is not saving you from Communists. You'd better dig deep and send a few coins to the men and women who are keeping those heathens at bay.



  1. I have life insurance, lets go for it.

  2. I hit the button. Will see what I can do about the rest, depends on how my situation works out. Definitely gonna work on another PATCOM...

  3. as allot of the information between your PATcom in DC and the IN Patcom is broken up. is there a previous post or can you make a post with all the details dates and information for patcoms you are associated with and know of?

    keep it up brother, Liberty or Death.......

  4. I'll sign the declaration and give funds but I will not set foot in the den of vipers unarmed. Thus, I am unable to participate. Ping me if you are interested in that avenue. Otherwise, I wish you God speed and good luck.


  5. I will sign the declaration and assist with funds but I will not enter that den of vipers unarmed. Thus I am unable to participate. Ping me if that avenue interests you brother.


    1. Pickdog, I appreciate your honesty and your help.

      I will make sure you get to sign the parchment, even if I have to drive it to your home.

      Anything you can donate or buy through IIIGear is a big help.

      Every Patriot can be a major help. We'll make it happen. And if it comes down to it, I'll bloody thefirst nose in your name. ;)


  6. Along the lines of what Pickdog said, pass the document around and I'll sign it. But with two little girls to protect, I CAN NOT leave them at such a time. I feel the poop will be pretty deep by then, and I am not willing to abandon my family then for what will be a couple weeks.

  7. Like Pickdog said, pass that parchment around and I'll sign it. But I have two little girls to protect, and I will not leave them alone for the two weeks it would take for me to get up there and back. Nor will I "enter that den of vipers unarmed"...

  8. Kerodin: I will be wanting to order a couple cold steel items, so next pay day I will be contacting you and hitting the donate button also.


  9. I took an oath to defend the United States Constitution. I will stand alongside you. That is my intent.



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