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Sunday, May 6, 2012

There comes a time when "What if..." is just one more excuse for cowardly kicking the can to your kids...

There comes a time when intellectualizing and philosphizing and complex, elaborate scheming (for profit, no less) becomes just one more way to pass the years so the burden of fixing the problem becomes someone else's problem.

There comes a time when claiming ...we need American morals back before we can fight for American morals... stands on its face as one more spineless ducking of responsibility.

One day, folks, some of you who feel the hand up your ass working your mouth will have to die the pathetic, used, worthless garbage you have allowed yourself to become. You will not be mourned by real Americans.

You want to wait for a return to American values? How long? The last 150 years haven't shown much progress toward American ideals.

Yet when you see a real American move to make contact with the enemy, in a non-violent way, no less, you wet your panties and find reasons it won't work. You work and scheme behind the scenes like cowards to derail the effort.

You know of whom I speak. Man up and call me out. Punk-ass fair-weather "Patriots" who run off at the mouth, behind people's backs, yet never invest an ounce of risk.

Yes, I have ears in your camp. Bitches.

Pick a place and a time, I will be there and handle this like men.

Look in the mirror, folks.

You are the problem. Crouch down, lick the hand that feeds you and shut the fuck up.

You have been warned: Leave my name out of your fucking mouths.


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