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Monday, May 7, 2012

American Liberty Congress

Folks, we are going to charge between $60 and $100 per ticket to the Liberty Congress. That will help defray some of the expenses, and we'll pass it off to our NRA and Tea Party warm-spit allies. Believe me, meeting rooms at the Hay Adams are not cheap, nor is a speaking fee for a man like Pat Buchanan or the Judge.

Politics ain't cheap.

Before you panic: If you have a III Patch, you are in free.

Next item: Friday will be our day to handle Patriot business. I invite you all to submit topics you want to discuss. I chose the word Congress very specifically: 1. A formal assembly of representatives, as of various nations, to discuss problems. We are representatives - not of nations, per se, but representatives entitled to be heard, dammit.

I know there are some topics that are considered taboo in groups of people. I, personally, am beyond such concerns. I will strip to my birthday suit if it helps anyone feel better (though some of you may lose your vision) about any modern electronics I may have on me. I also invite anyone to bring white noise generators.

I have decided to do something I never do in public: I will host a seven technique martial CQB class for anyone who wishes to attend. Not to worry: Your age will not matter and it is gal-friendly. I will work on knife takeaways, pistol defense, and offensive knife attacks, as well as how to do a few things when Bad People try to grab you. They won't like it. Yes, when you are done you'll know how to gut an unwilling carp.

Item Three: I will try to arrange a demonstration by a Krav Maga dojo that operates out of DC. Folks, these are the best in the world outside of Israel - and in Israel they'd be among the best. This will give you an idea if you will want to find a Krav shop when you get home.

Zoomie: I think we need a logo for the American Liberty Congress, and I have no real ideas. All I know is that it should not scare away any Tea Party/NRA/RINO/Useful Idiots. Anyone with ideas, please weigh-in with Zoomie. In case you have not noticed, the man is brilliant.

More later.



  1. Posted this over at this site.


    Several years ago they held a Continental Congress gathering. http://cc2009.us/

    Maybe we can get some of them on board.

  2. Just curious...representing whom?

    In my experience, a man has his hands full representing one, or maybe one family. But that's me; I'm not very worldly, I admit.

    You're making a helluva case; I'll say that.

  3. Do we submit topics to discuss at the LC or to you in advance?

    I will take advantage of both "classes" you described.

    Thanks K
    Teresa Sue aka Miss Violet


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