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Monday, May 7, 2012

Another What If... This one has nothing to do with the below post or writers

Have you noticed how many are willing to stand passivly aside and let Communists have America? Have you noticed how many are willing to make a profit while the Kremlin and Forbidden City call the shots on Pennsylvania Avenue?

It has been posited by some in our Community that the best course is to hand our gear to our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and we should spend our time teaching them.

Now there's a fitting note on the modern American Male. F'n cowards. They call it "prudent thinking" because "we aren't ready yet".

Personally, I was surprised the quarter whence this came, until I saw the hand up the arse moving the jaw muscles and spouting the inane.

Any American male with a shred of patriotic blood pumping in his veins and a rudimentary understanding of course, speed, trajectory, resources of the Enemies of Liberty and their intent to vanquish from existence every remnant of Liberty who suggests waiting while "...the revolution in the hearts of men must further ferment..." or some such silliness is either a first-class idiot, a coward, or a man who profits from this status quo of diminishing Liberty until it dies a silent, whimpering death. Do you know anyone (like NRA) who profits by letting Liberty wither, rather than fighting?

I'll add a fourth trait to such a man: A filthy, useless excuse for a parent who needs to surrender his children to family of Russian Pig Farmers who at least have the decency to have pride in their nation. Because your children, you filthy f'n cowards, will die of starvation, or with a bullet in the brain, and your daughters (and some of your sons) will serve as mattresses for their murderers because of your failures.

Are you getting all puffy-faced? Are you angry at my words? If you are getting angry, then my words must be striking close to home. I assure you, no parent who intends to fight now so his children do not have to face this evil is taking offense right now. They are making plans to add another bucket of ammo to the basement.

No, it is only the cowards who want to wait and let someone else do the fighting who are getting all red in the face.

You see, there are people who are making good money right now by avoiding the Restoration of Liberty. They do not want it to end. When Liberty is restored, they have to find another line of work. They'll have to devise a whole new script of bullshit.

Here is a fact, and every man out there with common sense understands it: Liberty is dying. It is being murdered every single day that you send your children to public school. It is being murdered with every new tax dollar that flows into the coffers of the Treasury by the poor slobs who have to pay to work. Do you get that? You must PAY your Masters to work!

Some folks like to think they are slick by teaching (charging you money to learn these methods) methods of paying less. They find that clever. I call it giving 2 blowjobs a week instead of 3.

The situation gets worse every single hour. There is no reversing it. There is no way to turn the tide. There is no way to educate enough people, fast enough, to compete with the indoctrination resources and capabilities of the Bad People.

Every hour we wait becomes exponentially harder to reverse the process.

Add to this simple fact of human nature: You can not convince people to take the harder route! How many will choose the hardships of freedom and Liberty when they can get a free check? The Freakin' French just proved it. Sarkozy is, by any real-world standard, a hardcore Socialist. And what is the headline? He's gone, and the voters put in office a "Real" Socialist!

You want Liberty in this country, you are going to have to reach out and take it. You are outnumbered. You are out resourced. You are out-everything.

And you want to wait...until it is impossible?

That makes sense...if you are a chickenhit, a profiteer, or a poor fool who can't think for himself.

You want to know how to take Liberty back from people who do not want it to exist, from people who intend to kill you to be rid of it?

You get in their faces. You tell them you intend to have Liberty. They can STFU, go away, or face citizen trials for Treason. YOU REDUCE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE TAKING YOUR LIBERTY.

Because this time, folks, is the last time any of us will come unarmed.

...and you'd better damn well mean it. I do not draw lines I do not defend. I will never stand with any man who does.

There is no place in a world of Liberty for cowards who would leave a deathfight for their children. I personally prefer the company of an avowed Communist. At least he has the courage to be what he is...right up until the moment I choke the life our of his useless body.



  1. I'm liking the "new tone".


  2. Good graph from Saturday.

    Each Child Born Today will Inherit $1.5M of National Debt, Study Shows

  3. The revolution started a long time ago. I've been called a kook in the last 30 years so many times I have lost count 20 years ago. Some people of my age or older should know better by now.

    "They understand we are the most well-armed nation in the world, yet they are aware of our vulnerabilities and intend to fully exploit them."

    All this crap that has been accelerated since the CATALYST of 911 has nothing to do with Muslims and everything to do with Americans. The Muslim terrorist problem is just eye candy to keep the people, as you say, all sparkly.

    Gawd. I wish people would just wake the puck up.

  4. Hey, think nationally, act locally-but ACT.


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