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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Battlefield USA

Curtis has compiled another extensive and topical list of links.

The Enemies of Liberty have studied every major tyrannical political movement in history, and they are implementing the most effective techniques from each period of tyranny for subjugating our Countrymen at a blinding pace. 

Right now.

What is missing from our Community in this war for Liberty?

The Enemies of Liberty move to Contact every single day.  They kill our Countrymen every single day.

We do not make contact.  We talk among ourselves.  We grumble among ourselves.  To date we have not physically moved into their personal space and called them liars, murderers, thieves or Traitors.  We have not duct taped one single Bankster to a Liberty Pole.

One will never win a physical confrontation if one does not make contact.

I will make contact November 3, 2012.  I will stand before MSM cameras and call out the Enemies of Liberty, because it needs to be done.  I would prefer not to do it.  I have been in that spotlight before, and it is savage on the family.

But it must be done.

I have no children.  My vulnerabilities are fewer than most.  But given the facts of my life, the Enemies of Liberty can, and will, unleash public relations hell upon me.  My wife will need to endure the vile attacks once again.

But it must be done.

The III must break into the national scene so we can find our natural allies and give the folks who feel abandoned by NRA and the Tea Party a new home.  The best way to break into the media scene is to make news. 

I know how to make news.  Not violent.  Not immoral.

But news.  It must be done.

I am not calling anyone to Washington.  I welcome you at my shoulder if you choose to come, but I am fully prepared to stand alone.

They can only kill me once.

Local PatComs: Be ready to take advantage of the media attention.  Be ready to vet potential new members for your Tribe when they realize we exist.  When a disgruntled NRA member in North Carolina or East Texas learns about the III on CNN, Bill, Brock and all others should be ready to vet them and bring them into your Tribe if they are worthy.

I will do what I can to help you build your Tribes.  I will do what I can to help promote Liberty.

It will be messy and dangerous.  I will take a beating, rhetorically and perhaps physically.

But unless we get in the fight, unless we make contact, we are simply circle-jerking.

Whining among ourselves is useless.

Here's the link to Curtis.



  1. I've been reading for a while and would like to go. But, I've no idea how to contact anyone on this site or with local Patcon folks. I'm in NE GA. Any links or emails to my add found on my blog would be helpful. Thanks

    1. kdzu: I have added your site to our blogroll. You can always reach me through Kerodin@Kerodin.com

      I thank you for the support. Every Patriot we have standing shoulder to shoulder to make our point increases the impact of our message. We do not need an army - we simply need a core group of serious Patriots who say what they mean and mean what they say.

      Even if we only have 50 Patriots standing before their cameras and warning them that they have abandoned the Constitution, therefore they have surrendered the protections of the Constitution, satisfies our obligation. This will be our slap across the face with a white glove.

      The time for getting in their faces has come.

      I look forward to having you stand with us.


  2. It's not bankers who need to be taped to the pole, it's politicians. Well... ok maybe some bankers too... and most assuredly reporters!

    1. David3,
      time to wake up! The bankers OWN the politicians, not the other way around. Do some research on the money trail, who buys off who, and it becomes very apparent who works for whom, what for, where, and why. Several centuries of this corruption leaves a lot of evidence, if you are willing to dig for it.
      Semper Fi, 0321


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