Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We have asked, we have begged, we have voted to reverse this tyranny to no avail. The upcoming election will do nothing other than change figureheads at the top, the bureaucracy will not change, the abuses will not lessen, the inevitable bankruptcy will not be avoided under any congressional leadership that remains faithful to the system as it now functions. It is this understanding that has driven the movement and must sustain it through the dark times to come.

When a government has become so destructive of everything it has been established to protect and defend, it has become an enemy to itself and must be opposed and exposed for what it is, no matter how it transformed, under what auspices it used to make that transformation, it must be recognized for what it is and altered, or abolished.

And that, folks, is why I will stand up and be counted on November 3, days before the election.  You can be damned sure we will be noticed, as I put the politicians from both sides on notice that we know there is no difference between them.

To date Patriots have not signed our names to a parchment and presented it to the Enemies of Liberty, as did our Founders with the Declaration of Independence.  We have talked of our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor...but we have not signed a parchment and handed it to them.

If you can make it, I welcome you.

If you choose not to be there, no harm and no foul.

I will stand alone.  It is my AO, after all.

I have no intention of starting a Ruckus on the 3rd.  I do intend to look the Enemies of Liberty in the eye and tell them they are Traitors.  I intend to hand them a parchment detailing our modern train of abuses.

Someone has to walk up to the Enemies of Liberty and look in their eyes, and tell them to cease and desist, or else.  We bemoan the lack of action often.

I'm an action kind of guy.  Someone needs to get into their personal space and call them Traitors, murderers, thieves and genetic waste.  Face to face.

I'll do it.

Here's the link to TL's piece.



  1. Would you mind if I brought my own pen?

    Shoulder to shoulder, I will stand with you on that day, as I do now.

    1. I'm proud to have you at my shoulder now, and in November, sir.

      Come as you see fit.



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