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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Consider: Bill Nye

Bill explores several important points. Two that really jump out: Who is the FSA and how many Patriots are really out there, kept separated and isolated by the work of provocateurs.

FSA: Remember, folks - if you or your kids are accepting Government loans for school, welcome to the FSA. This is a long list, and the FSA reaches all socio-economic classes.

Silent Majority: I know that all the real Tea Party folks, the hundreds of thousands who got out their lawn chairs and went to the Tea Party gig in their town in 2008 and 2009 are still there, but they are deflated and depressed. They had a voice, and it as stolen my the machinery of politics.

We can get that voice back, but we will have to be bold enough to engage from more than our keyboards.

Here's Bill's piece.



  1. Anon: To whom do you refer?

    I suspect you are talking about me and put this on the wrong thread.


  2. Mr. K,

    Your essay appears to have sympathy for TEA party folks, as though somehow they were wronged. I have no sympathy for TEA Party folks. They allowed Republicans and Neocons to hijack their efforts. They endorsed career .gov candidates like former IRS lawyer Michelle Bachmann. How ironic that those claiming they are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY - TEA - would embrace one who worked to separate us from oir money AND prosecute those same Americans who didn't pay tribute to the Behemoth.

    Shed no tears for TEA Party folks. They were and are no better than the folks openly openly proclaiming allegiance to Dem and 'Pub.



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