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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What do you want?

Curtis asks it plainly.


I've been doing this for about 2 years online now and I can't count how many times people have squabbled over that very question. It amazes me how many times some readers & bloggers change their minds on fundamental issues.

I'm not talking about the folks who are waking up - that is a process.

Curtis has said that this cycle never ends, as if we are on a loop. He's stuck with it far longer than will I in the face of continual zero-gain. Personally, I do not have much use for folks who waffle, who can not or will not think for themselves, take a position and stick with it.

I showed up on day one a Constitutionalist, I remain so today. I have never been anything else.

I've watched many people fight over what they "are" and what they "want". I've watched a few affix new labels to themselves as often as the average teen-aged girl gossips with girlfriends. Indeed, the amount of whispering and gossiping and shifting alliances around here to be with the cool-kid of the moment would be good training for gossip gals.

If you listen carefully you'll notice a phrase that rarely gets used around our blogs anymore: Restore the Constitution.

Why do you think that may be?

The average person can't tell when they are being handled. When they figure it out, the average person gets resentful and walks away, even if he shares your fundamental belief. Afterall, who would want to remain allied with a liar?

These days a bigger umbrella word is offered up: Liberty. But as we know, a word like Liberty can be defined differently by every person who uses it. Some slicky boys know this, so they use the word and you follow, thinking you are headed to a good place. But he never meant Liberty the way you meant it...he never bothered to tell you that until he'd already used you for his gain. Want some Liberty Candy, little boy?

Sorry, folks: The Constitution as ratified, in the spirit of the DoI and BoR is pretty darned precise. When I say that you know where I stand.

I prefer that people know where I stand. That way they can't claim to be surprised when I put a knife in their necks when they finally reveal themselves and decide that me and my Constitution are their enemy.

Movements need to be marketed. But they need identifiable, honorable and precise fundamental principles, fully on display and honestly disseminated for everyone in the Movement. They need a banner or flag around which to rally and muster. They need a precise idea that binds them.

If you do not want a Constitutional America, fine. But have the balls to market what you are truly selling.

For you folks who don't know what you want, or do not want Restoration, we do not have enough in common to warrant my ever allowing you on my flank. One day, when it is down to Constitutionalists and non-Constitutionalists, you'll decide that there can be only one.

If you are NOT a Constitutionalist, man the fuck up and market that concept.

When you have to market by deception, there is something wrong with the product or the salesman. Maybe the snake-oil won't cure cancer, as promised.

And if you are NOT a Constitutionalist, my blog is not the proper place for you.

If you are leaving because of what I just said: Close the door on your way out.

Here's Curtis' piece. Every man had better know where he stands in this world, damn skippy. In politics and in life, you'll define yourself or someone else will do it for you. And these days, Bad People from Left to Right are doing the defining.



  1. That is one thing that always bothered me about a lot of movements. That somehow they must create a new manifesto or statement of beliefs and I've always thought that had already been done in the USA via the Declaration and the Constitution. While not perfect we can change those just as we have added and taken away amendments we can do that again. I want both the 16th and 17th amendments repealed. I too want a restoration!

  2. When the Constitution is restored, then we can quibble about whether you want to go all the way to liberty or not. Until then, I'm heading your direction.

  3. Every man had better know where he stands in this world, damn skippy. In politics and in life, you'll define yourself or someone else will do it for you. And these days, Bad People from Left to Right are doing the defining.

    I hope everyone who reads that will absolutely and unequivocally understand that down to the most inner part of their being... "or someone else will do it for you."

  4. I could be a Constitutionalist, too, if Bill of Rights enforcement were added. That means that any congress critter, cop, soldier, judge, or any other sworn servant of the people who infringes the Constitution, in even the smallest way, would be immediately booted from office and forever forbidden to serve. Unconstitutional arrest would be treated as kidnapping, a capital offense. That means every narc hanged. (The Constitution establishes the common law as the basis for US law. In the common law, a crime must have a victim, a corpus delicti. Drug "crimes" have no such victim. Neither do tax, licensing, or registration "crimes"). It also means NO gun laws, anywhere in the country. "Shall not be infringed" means exactly that.

    Of course, legislators would be allowed to offer amendments to the Constitution itself, but NOT to the Bill of Rights. Any non-amending legislation that was unconstitutional, meaning 99% of what they pass into "law" these days, would get them booted, on the day it was proposed.

    The problem here is enforcement. How to keep it from sliding back into what we have now, supposedly a constitutional republic, but in reality, a police state from top to bottom. How to keep the three branches, which are supposed to keep each other honest, from operating in collusion, as they do now. I have no solution to that problem. It faltered almost immediately the first time (can you say "Whiskey Rebellion" or "Alien and Sedition Acts"? Thought you could), failed horribly with Lincoln's war, and has been a zombie walking since FDR.

  5. Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Though I'm not exactly sure why you'd want a cornerstone that you know didn't work the first time around, at least in the long run. Poor choice of a cornerstone IMO, but that's me.

    There might be an interesting discussion about it that leads to truly rational action, but it's pretty clear you don't think it's discussable. Your loss, but I hope you find what you're looking for anyway. Maybe our paths will cross at a gun show or something; be cool.

  6. I looked at this blog following a link from somewhere else. I will be very happy never to bother looking again.

    I'm an individual sovereign and my law is the law of non-aggression. The "constitution" sets up a society where some men own others. I want no part of it.

    A republic democracy is the insane idea that people are too stupid and evil to control their own lives and property completely, but are wise and good enough to choose others to do it for them... selected from the "right people," of course.

  7. Oppps. Years ago I read BTP's Hologram of Liberty and have never looked at the constitution the same again.


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