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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From Will: Big Brother

We've covered ShotSpotter technology before. Now we are learning more about the capabilities. Connect this dot to the one we covered recently about traffic lights being designed to incorporate DHS technology.

Yes folks, we are truly headed for a world in which the ears and signposts all have ears. The window of opportunity to kill this beast is slim, and will close soon. If we pass the threshold without derailing the Police State in the very near future, the entire planet will be enslaved to a few Masters.

That is not hyperbole.

Will sent this over, here's the link.



  1. No matter how big our big brother gets, that size will be what eventually undoes him. The government can't continue to grow at the expense of we plebes -- eventually they'll run out of other peoples' money to steal, and the whole house of cards will collapse. When that happens, tools like this that control the population and protect our "masters" will go. They'll be the last things to go, but they, too, will crumble.

    I know I'm starting to sound like a nihilist, but entropy is the natural end result anyhow.

  2. This isn't that scary really for two reasons.

    1) It's expensive - based on the 40-60K figure for leasing the technology per square mile, that would put the cost at about $335M per year! for the City of Atlanta. The Adopted FY12 budget for police services was only $161M for Atlanta. City, county and state governments are in serious financial trouble across the country. These governments have clearly demonstrated where they would direct the little money they have left, PENSIONS. Police services, in fact are being cut and slashed to the bone in many areas. In Oakland they're not even going to respond to burglaries, and many other calls. In Detroit, private citizens and private security companies paid by homeowners patrol the streets. Financially, even if these things were really the cat's ass, is a non-starter.

    2) It's a static "security measure", and they have inherent weaknesses, and the addition of them open up new weaknesses to the entire system.
    They can be easily damaged and made non-op. They're a big white box on top of a traffic light. Individuals looking to do this sort of thing could easily shoot every one of them off the poles in their neighborhood in the course of 2 minutes.

    Individuals wishing to redirect police presence could set up and make a bunch of noise in one part of the city (downtown areas where it's hard to maneuver out), then do whatever they wanted to do in the other part of the city with little to no police harassment.

    Neighborhoods could also conduct distributed denial of service attacks on the police department this way. Coordinate the entire city to all fire starting guns in the air over the course of several nights during a week. If they don't leave their brass on the ground, LE would be chasing ghosts.

  3. Looking forward to trying out a "stun gun" on a few dozen of the "smart lightpoles".

    May work, may not. Would be curious to see what happens.

  4. Is there a spoof to drain resources?

    Recording played on a portable sound system, car stero, or Ipod?

    I saw this work on some systems in Iraq. It utilizes directional mikes and software to pick up the sound sig.


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